Monday, 14 April 2014

Chin Up Butter Cup or This Too Shall Pass

I have been to a dark, dark place. I have been there so many times before. It doesn’t get any nicer or more welcoming. It is the pits. It is a place that no matter how hard you try you can’t see tomorrow. So you close your eyes and somehow time keeps moving on.

I lost interest in eating and drinking and coffee. Coffee! Who on earth would believe that of me? Coffee has turned on me and snarled, arched its back and walked away and left me wondering why? We have gone our separate ways.

I am not sleeping. I stare at the blackness until about 2 or 3 am. The nights are so incredibly long and stretch on and on and on. I lie there having in depth dialogues with myself about everything and anything. Sometimes I get up, just can’t bear to lie there anymore.

Sharing is something that is hard for me. Letting people in behind the towering wall I have built up over the years is virtually impossible. Letting people see the real me, what goes on behind my eyes and inside my head, is scary. And I have a blog, so how silly is that?

I am a people pleaser. I hate saying no. I try to please everybody all the time, and it gets tiring for me. I don’t want people to dislike me, so I am whatever you want or expect me to be. I adapt my personality to suit yours, but I have done it for so long, I think that I have lost myself somewhere along the way.

Some people stress me out so much that I find it hard to be around them. Some people who assume because I am quiet that I am stupid or na├»ve. But really if you pass over me as not worth the time or effort, then that is fine, really. I prefer it that way. I hate standing out. I don’t rock the boat, I don’t even make any ripples as I go about my life. I know I won’t make any ripples when it is time for me to go.

At the moment I am free falling as it were. After 24 years I am anti-depressant free. Not really through choice but because the medication the doctor changed me too has made me feel so ill that I had to stop. I can’t say that I am feeling happy or better BUT I am feeling, probably for the first time in decades I am feeling and at the moment that is ok. The rawness and intensity of life feels like a splash of icy water in my face.

Anyway, thanks I think in part to some chocolate pancakes, which it appears have the ability to heal and stick together broken bits, of which I have plenty, I am functioning again. My blog is back on track. Although this time I am not accepting and saying yes to everyone and everything that comes along. I will be trying to be more honest and open and that super scary word ‘share’ more of myself with my long-suffering readers. I am learning how to say no, which is something that I am not familiar with so please bear with me here.

Ok, so onwards and upwards. Battle scared, weary and bruised but forever fighting.

Look after yourself and your loved ones.


Let go of what’s gone, be grateful for what remains and look forward to what is coming.

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Let's Get Organised For Going Back To School

School is almost back again. Time to think about all those things like schedules, books, pens, clothes, shoes. The list seems endless sometimes, and when you add more children to the equation then it can start getting pretty expensive too.

We are sort of organised this year. I have three school goers. A Year 1 and a Year 4 and a Year 6, going into the new 6/7 arrangement. Scary stuff!

I find that one of the more expensive items that you need and that you want the best quality and value for money that you can afford, is shoes. Do you agree?

I find that if I do buy them the el cheapo $19.00 sneakers from a budget shoe store then they are lucky to last one semester. That is around 10 weeks. Even though money is tight, I end up thinking well I don’t know if that was actually worth it.

Our little ones' growing feet are precious aren’t they? So you don’t mind paying that little bit extra and getting them a good pair of school shoes. But of course when you do buy them a pair that will last and look good, you need to look after them, so that they do last and don’t get all scuffed and aged looking and wear out before their time.

Mister Minit has a very nifty little box of tricks for school shoes. It certainly makes life just that little bit easier, and that is what we Mums and Dads need when it comes to organising the back to school mayhem.

It is called surprisingly enough, the Back To School Kids Shoe Kit from Waproo.

It contains

1 x Liquid Renovating Polish - Black
1 x Instant Shine Sponge – Neutral
1 Pair of Free 90cm Black Shoelaces

You can keep school shoes looking their best for longer. What a great idea?

I was given a free sample box, but I would like one of my readers to have it.

~~~~~ G i v e a w a y ~~~~~

Just leave a comment and let me know why you would like this very cool little kit.

I will then hand it over to my oldest girl, 11 year old Bethany to pick the winner for me.

The competition will run from now until Tuesday 28 January, so that I can get this into an express bag for the winner as quickly as I can.

Please only one comment each.  Australian residents only. Judges decision is final.


Please have a look at the other products that Mister Minit has that can make this time a little bit more organised for the busy year ahead. There is a huge variety of key rings that are great to help distinguish school bags; themed and coloured keys; Instant Sneaker Cleaner; Minit Instant Shine; Stay Fresh Odour Away, and lots of other things. I must pay them a visit myself.

All the best!


Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Discounted Baby Goods and Child Safety Products

As anyone with children knows they grow, and they grow fast!  Some would say they grow too quickly. They seem to have so many growth spurts and can go up a couple of sizes at once. As a mum it is hard to keep up at times. I know that with my four it is a never ending story.

My youngest is now 3, so I am past that expensive baby stage. But I do understand and remember what it is like. With expensive items like cots, prams, high chairs, car seats, and the numerous other things that babies need. As well as the safety items like gates and latches and other child proofing products that you need around the house, it can really stretch the budget.

I am always looking out for inexpensive but quality items for my family.  Have you ever been to a Factory Outlet? They are wonderful places. They are becoming more and more popular too. I remember a holiday to Melbourne when I was younger, and we spent a very enjoyable day, going around to the factory outlets and finding the bargains.

Now there seems to be Factory Outlets popping up everywhere. They are great. That includes outlets for kid stuff too. A great new online store is Baby Value Factory Outlet. They have 3 stores in Victoria. But they are mainly an online shop, and they deliver Australia wide, but currently not to Western Australia and the Northern Territory. Because they are new they have an opening special of free delivery at the moment.

Maxi-Cosi Mico Infant Carrier
Safety 1st Swivel Bath Seat

Maxi-Cosi Hera

Of course when there are littlies in the house we want to keep them safe. They can get themselves into trouble very quickly. Sometimes it just isn’t possible to watch them every second of the day. There are lots of safety things for the precious little people in our lives. One of the most well known brands for all things related to safety for bubs is Safety 1st.

I think most people with children have used a Safety First product at some stage. They make all sorts of car seats and anchor kits, plug covers, latches, bed rails, bath seats. So many other things. They really are the best at what they do.

Some products that I didn’t realise they made, but look really interesting are:

Welcome Baby Nursery Kit; Health Care Kit;
Front Loader Washer/Dryer Lock; Jumbo Edge Protectors

If you are looking for some discounted baby products at an online store, but still would like to have the high end, quality brands like Maxi-Cosi, Safety First, Mother’s Choice etc., then take a look at Baby Value Factory Outlet. Or go to Safety 1st if you would like to see what a huge range they have available.

Take care everyone and stay safe.


Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Surge Protection For Your Valuable Electrical Equipment - Crest Giveaway

Brisbane is known for its bright sunny days. It is also known for its quite fierce summer thunderstorms. The humidity builds up all day. It gets steamier and warmer. At about 2.30pm if you are lucky, the clouds roll in, thick and black, and you are treated to a Queensland thunderstorm in all its glory. The lightning flashes and the thunder booms and then the drenching rain comes and soaks the hot ground. Usually right at school pick up time! It gives some relief to the heat for a brief while. If I think of a smell that is distinctly Brisbane, it is that smell. Rain on hot sun-baked roads. Sort of a hot, damp, dusty smell.

I do love a good storm.

But our house seems to have very finicky electrical system. We suffer numerous brown outs and the safety switch in the power box clicks off at the drop of a hat. Very frustrating! But apart from the irritating factor it is not at all good for our electrical goods. The television, fridge, stereo system, air conditioner, computers, and other expensive things have all suffered at the hands of this house. It doesn’t have to be a direct lightning hit to cause damage either. We live near the train line and sometimes an electric train flying past can affect our electricity!

Something that I wish we had realised a lot earlier, is the fact that a good quality surge protection device is an absolute essential item to have, when there are power fluctuations and electricity spikes and storms and trains that do funny things to your power supply.

Did you know that nearly all home and contents insurance policies don’t cover damage caused by a power fluctuation unless you can prove that lightning was the sole cause of the damage? This means that you can be left out of pocket when you need to replace your damaged appliances. Not good.

Crest power management range offers you quality surge protection for your valuable electrical things. It provides round the clock protection for the things that you tend to leave switched on like the fridge and the television. It react super-fast and has indicator lights that let you know when they are not working as they should be. Crest also provides a Connected Equipment Warranty for extra peace of mind.

Crest GiveawayCrest GiveawayCrest Giveaway

Now almost all of our electrical items have a surge protection plug, and it does provide peace of mind to know that you can prevent unpredictable damage being done by power spikes and surges.

Crest is available at Target, Big W, Woolworths, The Good Guys, Bing Lee and major independent electrical specialists like Betta Electrical. 

Now, with thanks to Crest, I have the chance to get someone else storm ready!

I have a product pack to giveaway!  This includes 1 x single, 1 x double and 1 x 4 socket surge board with antenna protection per kit.

This competition will run from now until 18 December, 2013 at 12am, so get your entry in nice and quickly.

Open to Australian residents only. One entry per person and judges decision is final.

Just enter via the Rafflecopter form below for your chance to win.

All the best!


Friday, 29 November 2013

Giving is Good for the Soul - A Mister Minit Giveaway

Giving is good for the soul. It helps you to think outside your own problems and helps you think of another person - their likes, what makes them happy, what they need or what would bring them joy and make them smile.

Being unselfish and generous goes towards making you a good person, deep down on the inside, were it counts. Do you think so as well?

To make another person happy, well it makes you happy too.  To show others that you are thinking about them and appreciate them, even if it is something small, to them it may be huge, and it might make all the difference to them.

Of course it doesn’t need to be something expensive, or even cost you anything at all. A handmade gift, a bunch of flowers, a chocolate cake. Or even your time. An hour spent visiting someone who is not well, or going through a hard time. Some time and effort spent doing some gardening for an elderly person or even just a phone call to let someone know you are thinking of them. It all goes towards making someone else feel good.

Give in the right spirit too. Straight from your heart. Give and don’t expect something back in return. If something comes back to you, then that is lovely to know that they were thinking of you too. But if it doesn’t then be joyful in the knowledge that you made someone else’s day better.

Guess what?

It is time for a...

I have two beautiful gifts from Mister Minit to Giveaway to two readers. Together with a gift voucher for $12.95 to have a complimentary name engraved.

Please just use the Rafflecopter form below. Competition will run for a week so get your entries in nice and quickly.

Entry open to Australian residents only.

I will choose a winner based on skill and originality.

Giveaway will end on Friday the 6 December at 12am.

One entry per person and judge’s decision is final.

To find your nearest Mister Minit store please go to

Have fun giving to the ones that you love.

All the best!


Friday, 22 November 2013

Kez's Kitchen Giveaway - Delicious Gluten Free Goodies

Snacks just got a whole lot easier if you are one of the many Australians who need to be gluten free.

Kez’s Kitchen have launched a brand new range of yummy snacks that include cereal bites and bars. This is all part of the Kez’s Free range of goodies.

When you are busy, and aren’t we all, running around, organising kids, shopping and all those other things that happen in the day, it can be so hard to have snacks that are good for you, but also are tasty. When you have the added stress of making sure that the goodies you are snacking on won’t upset your stomach, then it is great to have something in the pantry that you know is delicious and satisfying and healthy for you.

The Kez’s Free range has now grown to include new snacks that are sure to please. If you are gluten intolerant the wonderful people at Kez’s Kitchen have thought of you. They realise that it is hard to get premium and tasty meals and nibblies that are gluten free, so they have introduced brand new snacks into the Kez’s Free range.

You may know Kez’s Kitchen as primarily a breakfast food, but after lots of people told them that the Kez’s range tastes so delicious that they were eating it throughout the day, they knew they had to bring a snack range in for everyone to enjoy at any time of the day.

If you have had the pleasure of tasting Kez’s Kitchen Florentine cookies there is now a new gluten free Florentine bar. This comes in delicious roasted peanut and apricot and roasted almond and cranberry. These two scrumptious bars are sure to be very popular for those browsing the health food aisle.

New products launched in the Kez’s Free range.

Available in Coles

  • Kez’s Free Gluten Free Cereal with Fruit 300g RRP from $9.79
  • Kez’s Free Gluten Free Cereal Low in Fructose FODMAP friendly 300g RRP from $9.79
  • Kez’s Free Gluten Free Cereal Original 300g RRP from $9.79
  • Kez’s Free Gluten Dairy & Cholesterol Free Melting Moments 190g RRP from $6.95
  • Kez’s Free Gluten Free Almond Toffee 130g RRP from $6.95
  • Kez’s Free Gluten Free Almond Florentine 180g RRP from $6.95
  • Kez’s Free Gluten Free Vienna Eclair 190g RRP from $6.95
  • Kez’s Free Gluten, Dairy & Egg Free Fruit Mince Pies RRP from $8.95
Available in Woolworths
  • Kez’s Free Gluten Free Cereal with Fruit 300g RRP from $9.79
  • Kez’s Free Gluten Free Cereal Low in Fructose FODMAP friendly 300g RRP from $9.79
  • Kez’s Free Gluten Free Cereal Snacks Original 6x30g RRP from $7.99
  • Kez’s Free Gluten Free Cereal Snacks Low in Fructose FODMAP friendly 6x30g RRP from $7.99
  • Kez’s Free Gluten Free Cereal Bites Original 8x15g (retailed in Woolworths) RRP from $6.99
  • Kez’s Free Gluten Free Cereal Bites Low in Fructose FODMAP friendly 8x15g RRP from $6.99
  • Kez’s Free Gluten Free Florentine Bar Roasted Peanut & Apricot 5x30g RRP from $6.99
  • Kez’s Free Gluten Free Florentine Bar Roasted Almond & Cranberry 5x30g RRP from $6.99
  • Kez’s Free Gluten Dairy & Cholesterol Free Melting Moments 190g RRP from $6.95
  • Kez’s Free Gluten Free Vienna Eclair 190g RRP from $6.95
  • Kez’s Free Gluten Free Almond Toffee 130g RRP from $6.95

I am very pleased to let you know that A Welcoming Hearth has a gourmet prize pack to give away to one very lucky person.

This giveaway includes a generous helping of delectable Kez’s Kitchen products. A gift box that contains 12 delicious treats from the Kez’s Free Gluten Free range for you to enjoy.

This will include Kez’s Free Cereal Bites, Cereal Snacks and Melting Moments. Sounds just gorgeous!

Please place your entries via the Rafflecopter form below.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Entry is open to Australian residents only.

I will be choosing the winner based on skill and originality.

This giveaway will run until Monday the 2 December at 12 am.

What a lovely prize to win!

All the best!


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