Thursday, 29 December 2011


I came across this poem a little while ago, and it is quite touching.

Because he loved me,

He did the dishes
Rubbed my feet
Surprised me with tulips
Took me to musicals even though he didn't like them
Carried my bags while I did the shopping,
Held my hand.

He died of cancer four years ago.

Because he loved me,
I can stay in our home.
I can be here for our children.
I can afford to pay for their education
I can worry about the other things in life besides money.

He still loves me. And he shows it.

Choosing the right kind of Life Insurance is an important decision. There are different benefits, costs, requirements and values for each of the different policies. At Aptus Insurance they tailor a plan that fits your lifestyle and needs, so it works for you day and night. There are a number of different types of life insurance polices available.

  • Term Life Insurance provides coverage for a specific period of time, and needs to be renewed at the end of the term. This is the most affordable option.
  • Permanent Life Insurance premiums are fixed at the beginning of the policy and money is put into a savings account and gains interest over time.
  • Whole Life Insurance is cheap and simple. But the insurance company can use the interest for what they choose.
  • Single Premium Life Insurance - You make a lump sum deposit at the start of your policy and don't need to make any premium payments.
  • Universal Life Insurance is flexible. You can choose how much goes into the savings account and how much goes into your policy.
  • Variable Life Insurance - You can choose what investments to make with your money, either high risk or low risk.
With the right type of life insurance you can then relax and know that you are looking after your family.


Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Castles in the Air

Thinking of things I've left behind.
Hoping for a future that's fair.
Has it been worth the journey?
Or is it just castles in the air?

Have I given to others,
My time, my strength, my heart?
Made someone's life better?
What vital truths did I impart?

Am I a better person,
Than I was in previous years?
Have I learned from my mistakes?
Has my mind become more clear?

Are there things I need to change?
Are there things I need to keep?
Where will I be one year from now?
Will things have changed for me?



Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Hamilton Sunscreen Product Review

I love living in Australia. We have an abundance of sea, sand, surf, and sun.

I live in Queensland. The sunshine state. Brisbane gets an average of 113 clear days a year. That is a lot of sunshine.


Having a good sunscreen is so very important to us Aussies. For my family it should be SPF 30+ and have both UVA and UVB protection. It has to be water resistant and be able to be used by toddlers and children with sensitive skin and also mum and dad too.


Our family have been trying out the Hamilton range of sunscreens. Master 23 months and Miss 8 have skin that is prone to rashes and irritation so they both tried out the Hamilton Sun Sensitive for Hyper-Sensitive skin. Miss 8 made the comment that it didn't feel like she had any sunscreen on at all. It went on easily and was very quick to absorb into the skin.

Hamilton Sensitive Sunscreen is:
• Free of chemical absorbers
• Fragrance free
• Non comedogenic, doesn’t clog pores
• Gentle Broad spectrum SPF30+ UVA and UVB protection with 4 hours water resistance
• 75g cream tube RRP $14.30
• 125mL lotion bottle RRP $17.45
• 250mL lotion bottle RRP$21.55

For Miss 7 and Mummy we tried out the Hamilton Sun Family Sunscreen. This sunscreen is for everyday use for the whole family, whatever they are doing throughout the day. It is suitable for adults and children. This felt light and non greasy and the moisturiser made it very easy to apply.


Hamilton Sunscreen Family SPF30+
• Ideal for moderate sun exposure
• Everyday use for the whole family
• Broad spectrum SPF 30+ UVA and UVB protection with 4 hours water resistance
• 50ml roll-on bottle RRP $11.80
• 100g cream tube RRP $14.40
• 125ml milk bottle RRP $14.40
• 250ml milk bottle RRP $21.85
• 500ml milk pump pack RRP $34.15

For Master 3 we tried out the Hamilton Toddler Sunscreen. It was very easy to apply and soaked in quickly without feeling too greasy on his skin. It had his tick of approval. It is specially designed for young, delicate skin, is fragrance free and has minimal active ingredients. It is Broad spectrum SPF 30+, UVA and UVB protection, with 4 hours of water resistance.


All the products were excellent and I would definitely buy them for my family again. Always remember the sunscreen when you and you family are out and about in the sun. Enjoy your summer and have fun!


Saturday, 17 December 2011

Mammasaurus Caption Day! #MadCap

Saturday is Caption Day! Actually Mummy and Here Come The Girls have been partners in crime this week and teamed up to feature the Mammasaurus herself.

Can you come up with a caption for this stylish picture?

Enjoy your Saturday everyone and take care!


Friday, 16 December 2011

Coffee, Java, Black Gold, Jet Fuel, Liquid Lightning, Morning Thunder, Cafe

I have shared my love of all things chocolate with everyone, but I have never shared my coffee Pinterest pins with you all. So it just had to be done!

I am linking in with the gorgeous for her Piquing My Pinterest Sunday! If you would like an invite to Pinterest just send me an email and you can join in the fun.

Tina Gray {dot} Me

Source: via Melanie on Pinterest

Please join me in a cup.


Monday, 12 December 2011

Aarrgghh Poo!

Ok I apologise but this has to be said. For my own sanity if nothing else.

I will issue a warning here, that if you don't like talking about bodily functions or if you are eating at the moment, please stop reading here. ;-)

My life at the moment is revolving around poo. 

There is Josh in nappies. That is fine, he has his one or two poos a day, no biggie. I can handle that. He comes up to me and says "Poop!" All good.

There is Angus. (All derogatory comments about a 3 almost 4 year old still in nappies will not be entered into ;) ). He has very valid reasons.... anyway. :-)  He can have up to 4 poos a day, and they are not pleasant. He is lactose intolerant and his digestive system is in a bit of a mess. We are getting it seen to and are on a waiting list to get on the waiting list for a specialist at hospital. (I love Queensland Health) . We did go to a Homeopath who pinpointed the exact problems and the foods that we need to avoid and things are a lot better but still not ideal. All I seem to do is change pooey nappies for these two boys. Sometimes up to 6 a day.

Now we have a new puppy and a new kitten, The kitten is a gorgeous, well behaved little girl. Who came to us fully toilet trained at around 8 weeks. The puppy on the other hand doesn't understand yet. He will poop everywhere. I take him outside but he seems to hold on until he gets back inside again. We will find little presents everywhere.  Then we have Jamaica, our gorgeous black and white 16 year old moggie.

So I have placed kitty litter trays at strategic positions around the house. One in the garage - this is Jamaicas'; there is one in puppy's bedroom; one near the back door; and one upstairs. These of course, all need constant cleaning.

So a BIG part of my day, is taken up with cleaning up poo. I am completely over it too, as you can imagine. I will be jumping for joy, quite literally, when these two boys are both toilet trained and this little poopy pup understands what he is supposed to do. It is really not very nice to be me at the moment. There is only so much poo that you can take in a day... really!


Sunday, 11 December 2011

No-Bake Cakes Pinterest edition

Pinterest is very addictive, and a lot of fun. For those that haven't explored this virtual pin up board yet, it is a place where you can organise and share all the beautiful and inspiring things that you find on the net. If you need an invite just let me know and I will send you one.

This week I am sharing some pins from my Cooking board. Specifically some of the no-bake cake recipes, I have found. Sometimes in the summer months it is nice not to have to turn on the oven and heat the house up, but still whip up something yummy and delicious.

Super Easy Nutella Cheesecake

No Bake Lemon and Coconut Slice

Chocolate Tim Tam Hedgehog No Bake

Toblerone Ice Cream Cake

Joining in with for Piquing my Pinterest.


Saturday, 10 December 2011

BJ on Saturday is Caption Day

It is Saturday! And therefore it is Caption Day! Yes, I am going with another puppy pic.

This is my puppy after going wading in a muddy puddle.

Can you come up with a funny caption for this picture and comment below?

Then you can pop over to the Queen of Captions Mammasaurus and see what photos and funny captions are there this week.

I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend!


Sunday, 4 December 2011

Goodies in a Jar Pinterest Edition

It is Sunday! Time for Tina's Piquing my Pinterest! Different name but same Pinteresty goodness.

Tina Gray {dot} Me

I just love this idea. Yummy cakes and cupcake mixes in a jar, to give as pressies. Some are to eat straight from the jar while others are mixes.

Red Velvet Cupcakes in a Jar
Source: via Melanie on Pinterest

Chunky Christmas Cookies in a Jar
Source: via Melanie on Pinterest

Peeps in a Jar

Source: via Melanie on Pinterest

Chocolate Chip Cookies

Gingerbread Cookies

Chocolate Cake in a Jar
Source: via Melanie on Pinterest


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