Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Cherish Your Cherubs

I have been inspired by the lovely Naomi at Seven Cherubs.

She is starting a Cherish Your Cherubs Project. Every Monday for the next six weeks she will be posting an idea to blog about or an activity to do at home. This is to help us appreciate the wonderful treasures and blessings that we have in our lives.

The first week's theme is Record. I thought I would start off with Angus. Three year olds can change so much in a short amount of time. So I thought I would take a snapshot of him now, to remember my gorgeous boy at three.

At the moment Angus loves diggers and fire engines, Thomas the Tank Engine and anything Chuggington. He loves to sing. His rendition of 'Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star' makes my heart melt and brings tears to my eyes. He has a great voice and can really hold a note. I asked him what his favourite song is at the moment and he said Mister Maker. Hmm. He loves the drums and gets out all the pots and pans when I am preparing dinner and I have a musical accompaniment when I am cooking.

Angus can talk, and talk and talk. There are times when my ears start buzzing and I have to tell him to stop for a little while!  He likes his food and it is not unknown for him to ask for lunch, within five minutes of finishing his breakfast. He has a real sweet tooth, like all my kids.  He loves cake and chocolate and fruit. He also loves salad and can finish off all the pieces of lettuce in the bottom of the salad bowl after our dinner. He loves it outside, playing with his older sisters and likes to keep his shoes on at all times, so he is ready just in case they want to go outside.

He give wonderful kisses and cuddles. His favourite toy of all time is his Tigger. He loves to say, 'I know! How about we can  .....< insert latest plan > .... that's a good idea!'

He can throw a ball really well, and has been able to since he was about 6 months old.

He is such a sweet natured, loving little boy. He loves his family. He has an incredible smile. He is a very special little soul.



  1. Nice to find out more about you Angus!

  2. That is so cool that you have a salad lover there. Not all mum's of three year olds would be so lucky!

  3. A boy who loves to talk - yes, I have one of those! Angus sounds like a real little character, and I can just imagine him laying plans with Tigger - so cute!

  4. I can totally relate to the ears buzzing!! Hehe!! I have a talker too. What a cutie he is though! x

  5. He's adorable! Both of mine are talkers. Erm. To say the

  6. Nice to meet you Angus! What a cutie :)

  7. Gorgeous! Love those moments when they sing and make your eyes water. He sounds just adorable and I love the way you have described him. Thanks so much for a great snapshot into the life of your cherub and for linking up with us. N x


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