Friday, 26 August 2011

Lifesavers at the Kingston Food Bank

There are some volunteers that I would like to thank. They give their time and effort to selflessly help others.

I guess I am not ashamed to say that there are times when we need some extra help to feed our family for the fortnight. Hey, we have four very hungry, growing children. Trying to feed them on my Family Tax Benefit and my husband's $400 a fortnight is difficult. Life occasionally seems to come up and slap us in the face! When that happens we go for a trip to the Kingston Food Bank. They are wonderful! They have been there too. They have struggled and they understand. They are kind and non-judgemental and always seem to have something nice to give the kids when we are there. Last time it was a big lollipop and both the boys went into sugar rush heaven. This time Josh was asleep but they gave Angus a bouncy red ball for, as the lady put it, being so cute!

I show them our Health Care card, and for $40.00, they organise a food parcel for us. Within about 3 minutes they come out with a shopping trolley loaded with goodies. Today we got a box of fruit and vegetables with potatoes, shallots, sweet potato, brussel sprouts, tomatoes, avocados, broccoli, carrots, celery, corn, oranges, apples and pears.

A box of frozen food, with pies, garlic bread, chips, bread, hot dogs, cabanas and more.

Six 2 litre bottles of milk, teabags, pasta, rice, apple juice, tomato juice, eggs, pesto, tins of veggies, biscuits and packets of jam rollettes . As well as about 10 big bags of chips and corn chips and popcorn.

The girls eyes light up when they get home from school! So many things to eat! It is very rare that I buy them a packet of chips or cake or that much fruit.

That should keep us going for a while.

It makes me feel warm inside. These lovely people get enjoyment from helping others. I feel that you have been a great parent to your children if you instill in them a desire to help others. Gently let them understand that there are people who are struggling, people who need help. Teach children that there is more happiness in giving than in receiving.

I send a big, warm thank you! to all the kind hearted individuals who volunteer their time to help. You are great people and may you be blessed for your efforts.


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