Sunday, 18 September 2011

Animal Magnetism

I am linking up with Tina at and sharing my love of the amazing animals that we share this beautiful world with.

Are you ready?

This is my Mum! So there :-)


Pout, Simper, Claw, Bite... Oh wait where were we?

Let Sleeping Cats Lie...

Just a little closer...

Oh Hai!

Squirrel Coco Loco

Mmmm Tasty...

Hugh, I am coming for you!

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  1. Love these pics and really dig the meerkat cute thing lol :-) x

  2. These are awesome photos! I wonder if the squirrel one is real or photoshopped?

  3. These pics are awesome. I"m loving the Tiger..."What?"....

    What's with the squirrel? Is that PS'd?

  4. I don't think that the squirrel one is PS'd. I think they are hanging on strings, like a squirrel feeding thing. It is very cute anyway :-)


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