Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Cherish Your Cherubs Project: Praise

Praise and encouragement are something that is a big part of my family life. I have always given lots of praise and my cherubs have always been very praise-worthy. This week Naomi at Seven Cherubs is talking about Praise in Week 4 of her Cherish Your Cherubs Project.

Naomi wanted us to try to spend more time speaking positively to our cherubs. To actively seek out good things that they are doing and to praise them for it.

Bethany (8 years old)

My sweet, gentle Bethany never ceases to amaze me. It is never a difficult thing to praise her. She is a very clever girl and is always doing a wonderful job at her school work. She gets so many certificates and awards from school, we have filled up a display book just for her. This week I have focused on praising her for doing helpful things without any prompting. She washes up the dishes without being asked. She gets Angus' shoes on ready to go out, she tidied her room, she helped Hannah with her homework, she takes the time to help Angus and Joshua with lots of different things. I am very proud of my beautiful girl.

Hannah (7 years old)

Hannah loves to help. You only have to mention that something needs doing and Hannah will run to do it. This week I have praised her for spending a lot of time playing with Joshua. She has swept up outside and trimmed a few bushes for me this week as well. With a little prompting she cleaned her bedroom very well. She is just awesome and has such a great sense of humour, she really makes me laugh sometimes. She is great company and wonderful to have around.

Angus (3 years old)

The huge thing this week that I had to praise Angus for was a blood test. He has never had one before and I was dreading it. I explained to him what would happen; armed him with his Tigger to cuddle and a lollipop to hold onto. He sat on my lap and I held his little arm still. I told him to cuddle his toy and look at Joshua in his stroller as they did it. He was such a brave boy. They gave him a red band-aid and a sticker to put on his shirt. I gave him a lot of praise and cuddles and kisses for the rest of the day.

Joshua (18 months)

I feel that babies need praise almost as much as food and air. They thrive on it. I praised Joshua this week for having a gorgeous smile, learning how to run, telling me his nappy needed changing, lying still while I changed his nappy, eating all his dinner. holding my hand while he walked, giving great cuddles and kisses, going straight to sleep, being a good boy at the shops, the doctors and school, and being gentle with books.

Praise and encouragement is so necessary for children. They need to know that they are a valued and appreciated and important member of the family. They need to know that you notice when they put in an effort to be good or have done a kind thing for somebody else.

I like the following verse written by Dorothy L. Law in 1959.

It is all about focusing on the positive and minimizing the criticism and the negatives. Children can be the best they can be, under these circumstances.

I am looking forward to next week's challenge Naomi has set us. We can spend some time writing out our feelings for our cherubs and leaving them little notes under their pillows or in their lunch boxes for them to find. Another great idea!



  1. Your children sound like they deserve the praise! They sound like little angels! I think praise is a great idea - something I should practice more in all aspects of my life. Thanks!
    PS. Joshuas eyes are A-MAZING!! (saw the photo on your 'about' page)

  2. I am going to print out that verse and tape it to my fridge as a reminder. I know it and it makes me tearful, but it is so easy to neglect these rules. Thank you for reminding me.

  3. Love the poem, I'm going to print it out too. Well worth remembering.

  4. Awww that's a lovely verse! Very good.
    Your children sound lovely, what a nice post xx


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