Sunday, 11 September 2011

A Reason For Hope

Today I am linking up with Tina at and indulging in a bit of Pinterest.

As it is September 11th today, I thought I would add an Album on my Pinterest page called Hope. I would love to share a few pictures with you.



  1. Beautiful images, Melanie. Thanks for linking up xx

  2. Beautiful images Melanie! I'm new to your blog, but look forward to reading more!

  3. beautiful~ Lovely to stop and think x

  4. you are so right Melanie! We can't lose hope, when we do we just stop trying and that is so sad.

  5. Melanie, your blogs are great. I wish that I could feel about life the way you do. But being Bi-Polar and suffering from Anxiety attacks and severe depression, life for me is hard and I find it is getting worse each day. Love to read about you and your life. You have a good one, we can see in your words. All the best and take care my friend.


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