Friday, 9 September 2011

Responsible Forest Management and Kleenex Cottonelle

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I don't know about you but the amount of toilet paper we go through in our family is phenomenal. My children like to use a lot and having a large family means that we can go through about one roll a day. Is this normal for a family of 6? :-/

Sometimes it crosses my mind, in a rare... quiet.... moment... of peace..., ok
when I am in the toilet. :-) Where does this paper come from? Is it doing any harm to the environment? Is it from sustainable forests?

So I did a bit of research. It surprised me to learn that Australians use over 30.7 billion metres of toilet tissue a year! That is enough to go to the moon and back 39 times. That equates to 8,291 trees used just to make toilet paper for us.

Kleenex Cottonelle is the only toilet paper which has the FSC Eco-label on the packaging. The Forest Stewardship Council or the FSC is internationally recognised as the world’s most rigorous environmental and social standard for responsible forest management. The FSC ensures that the harvest of timber doesn't destroy the habitats of protected species like the gorgeous orang-utans and tigers or take away precious resources from the people and the economies that depend on them.

Kleenex Cottonelle now also has the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) panda bear and 'Love Your Forests' logo on the packaging, which means that the paper was sourced from responsibly-managed forests and plantations. So you can rest assured that when you purchase Kleenex Cottonelle toilet paper, you can still help the environment and the world's forests and not compromise on quality.

It is one of the leading brands of toilet tissue and it is not hard to see why. This toilet paper is very soft and thick and feels like a little bit of luxury, even though the price is comparable to all the other brands. The fact that Kleenex care about their impact on the earth and their carbon footprint is commendable as a company. It has the tick of approval from my family.

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