Tuesday, 11 October 2011

GIVEAWAY *bespoke* Magazine

I am so thrilled! I get to give away Issue # 4 of *bespoke* magazine on my blog. This is my very first give away and I am very fortunate because this creative and crafty magazine is a veritable treasure trove of loveliness.

Editor Jess from EpheriellDesigns.com says that this issue is 'In honour of the shine and sparkle that is springtime, this issue is full of bright, colourful inspiration for you!

I enjoyed reading it so much and I know that you will just love it too. I devoured it from cover to cover today. Reading through it is just so inspiring and enjoyable. 'By hand : with heart' is on the cover and the care and love that shines through on each page, just makes you feel all warm and happy. 
This magazine is full of inspiring artists, authors, designers. It is full of handmade goodness and is an absolute treat to read and enjoy.

Please go to http://bespokezine.com/ and check out this lovely little 'zine for yourself.

I will be drawing one lucky winner to receive a free copy of *bespoke*  on Wednesday 19th October, 2011, via random.org. To be in the running simply:

  • Give a comment on this blog post and ensure that it includes an email or contact details;
  • Follow A Welcoming Hearth blog via Google Friend Connect; and
  • Follow A Welcoming Hearth facebook page.

This competition closes at midnight on Wednesday 19th October, 2011.

The lovely Jess will then pop a copy of Issue # 4 into the post for the lucky winner.


  1. Yay! I'm excited to be entered!

    AND please come enter my giveaway for a magnificent, moving piece of art!

  2. Looks great, would love to win a copy, I just bought my first sewing machine this year :) Liked you on FB buut there is no button to click to follow you via GFC?

  3. Thanks Pam! xxx I hope I have fixed it. It is doing strange things lol But you are in the draw :D

  4. Thanks for using the time and effort to write something so interesting.

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  5. Hi Melanie. This magazine looks lovely. I'm also on the southside of Brisbane, Redlands way. Hope you survived the storm yesterday.

    Am your latest follower.

    Anne @ Domesblissity

  6. Also liked on Facebook.

    Anne xx

  7. Looks so lovely! Would love to read it and drool over it :)
    I am a GFC follower and I am a FB liker :) both personal and private :)

  8. Found you via the digital parents website. Consider me your newest follower from the north side :)


  9. Thank you Cass, Kym and Anne! Anne the storm was very wild but no damage. Thanks for asking :-). I hope you and everyone else in Brisbane were ok?

  10. I'm embarrassed to admit this but I've never even heard of this magazine.

    In all fairness, I haven't bought a magazine since I was in hospital having my firstborn (nearly 9 years ago) but how did I miss this? Look how pretty they are!


  11. All of these Brisbane girls! I'm on the (far) northside too, and we got ZIP! Not even rain. :( I didn't want the hail or the flooding, but I"d have LOVED some rain, a little bit of a storm. I spent my entire weekend feeling ripped off,lol.

  12. Mumma's Mini Mes - Kym, is the lucky winner of *bespoke* mag. Thank you everyone for entering. :-) xxx


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