Saturday, 15 October 2011

Some Savings Just Aren't Worth It!

Ok 'fessing up time... On Thursday I removed three of the seats from my car so that I could 'save some money' and get my new computer desk home from the shop myself and not pay the $60 delivery fee. 

I might add that these seats are super heavy, probably about 20kg per seat or maybe more. In the process I grazed my hands, gave myself blisters, and pinched my finger, giving myself a blood blister.

I moved Joshua's seat to the side and Angus sat in his booster in the front seat. Not ideal but I thought, just to tootle back from the furniture shop would be ok. Within 2 minutes Joshua had opened up his door, as I had forgotten to put the child safety catch on. :P

Anyway, all good, they loaded up my car and I tootled home. Then the fun really began. I managed to get the super heavy 35kg and 47kg boxes out of the car onto the driveway. Moved one box, by much pushing and pulling, under the cover of the veranda. The other bigger box, I moved about 1 metre and gave up on. Putting it in the too hard pile and left it till later.

I went inside to put Josh to bed and get a drink. It was so humid and I was sweating profusely by this stage. When I had recovered sufficiently I decided to put the car seats back in the car, so that they were all ready to go when I picked up the girls from school. I put Joshua's middle seat back in, no trouble at all. But the two back seats proved to be very difficult and didn't want to play ball at all. I struggled with them for about 30 minutes, getting more and more frustrated, getting hotter and hotter, and more and more upset. I read the instructions again and it said put the front of the seat in first and lock it in and then push the back of the seat down until it clicks. Well I somehow managed to lock the back of the seat in first and then, of course they would not come out again. No matter how hard I tried.

I went inside sat on the floor and cried. While Angus sat next to me, looking at me with his big, beautiful eyes, so full of worry and concern, as children do when they see their parents getting emotional in front of them. That only made me cry more. 

Bethany sat on this wonky seat on the way home from school. Which I am very ashamed of. But I didn't now what else to do.

Of course, by this stage, we got hit by a beauty of a thunder storm, with torrential rain, which soaked my exposed box and turned it into paper mache mush.

The next morning we remembered we had a seat that we had taken out before to make more room, next to Joshua's middle seat. So Stuart, my husband, put this into the car, and I could safely drive the kids to school.

I then decided, to drive to the Kia dealership, about 15kms away. Fall upon their mercy, tell them what I had done and ask if they could fix it for me. Well they took it out back, came back about 5 minutes later and said that they couldn't do it and I would have to book it in to be fixed and they had no idea what the cost would be... Hmmm! Although, yes, I agree I was a right idiot getting these seats jammed in the first place. I couldn't help but think they took it out back, and just waited a while, before returning it to me. All because they didn't want me to get something without paying them a great deal of money for it. Maybe not, but then I am a cynic.

So, to save me a $60 delivery fee, I spent about $40 petrol, and who knows how much more to get my seats fixed. Not to mention all the actual blood, sweat and tears, I have shed lugging all these super heavy, stupid things around. Oh sometimes I am so clever it astounds me.

So my week has been rather frustrating to say the least. But, on a much nicer note, yesterday was our wedding anniversary. My husband and I have been together for 16 years now. Stuart bought a lovely bottle of dessert wine. It was very yummy. It went a long way to make everything better.

Ok, lesson learned. Sometimes saving a bit of money, just is not worth it!

My beautiful new desk!


  1. What an absolute nightmare! Glad you had some wine and a lovely new desk for your efforts!

    Thanks heaps for checking out my blog.

  2. That IS a beautiful desk. But you're right. I"d have probably made the same decision and regretted it as much as you! YOu poor thing. :(

    I hope it doesn't cost too much to have it fixed.

  3. Yep thats something i would do too. i do smart things all the time :)


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