Saturday, 22 October 2011

World Teachers' Day on 28th October

This Friday, the 28th October, is World Teachers' Day. So I thought I would search out a few ideas that kids can make and create to show a special teacher that they care about and appreciate them.

I found this quote from a teacher in Canada which made a great deal of sense.

As a teacher I have received so many gifts over the years. Most of which were candles, bath sets, and other knick-knacks that I just didn't know what to do with or where to put them.  Here are some suggestions for meaningful and useful teacher gifts:
Gift certificates for a local coffee shop.
Gift cards for a local restaurant or movie theatre. (Some teachers especially need encouragement to get out and have some fun.)
Let your child pick out the gift. It's much more meaningful, for the teacher and your child, if the gift is really from the student.
Let your child make a gift. Also means a lot more.
Hand-made cards are more special as well. Make sure you write something, too.
Another thing to keep in mind: You don't need to spend lots of money . It's actually a little embarrassing and uncomfortable when parents spend too much on a gift.
Just remember, teachers like any expression of appreciation. They want to know that you support them and stand behind them. 

Although I am sure that teachers appreciate any gifts and kindness that are given to them, even the soaps and candles. I can understand that too many could be a bit much.

I have put together a few hand made options that kids could try out themselves.

I love the idea of a hand decorated pot. These are quite cute and something that can be used for years to come.

A nice plant in a hand decorated pot would be great. Or just a personalised message stuck into the soil, would be very easy, but make sure you laminate it.

I haven't met a teacher yet who didn't like a nice cuppa. Maybe a hand painted mug or cup, and then painted with a safe glaze over the top.

A selection of boiled lollies in a jar with a ribbon or biscuits in a pretty painted box would be very special.

Children could paint a jewellery box, a tray or a keyring, making it personal and lovely.

Parents could put some hand soap or lotion into a clear bottle and children could paint it or put some pretty stickers on it. These are just gorgeous.

A wall plaque with some paint or decoupage like this very cute one.

Some other ideas that a teacher might like.

Does anyone else have any crafty ideas? What have you given your child's teacher as a gift in the past? 


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