Thursday, 10 November 2011

5 Things on My Mind

5 Things that are going through my mind at the moment. To tell you the truth I feel that my brain is on high speed overload. So narrowing it down to only five hmm... here goes!

One ... the end of the year is fast approaching. The end of the school year is only 3 weeks away. That is bringing a lot of stress. I worry far too much. I wish I was one of those relaxed and let-it-go mums, that nothing fazes, water off a duck's back kind of person. But it just gives me a headache.

Two ... I crave order. If my house is in a mess, then I cannot relax and I am not happy. But I have four young kids and it just doesn't stay clean and tidy. I should just do the best I can, smile, and say this too shall pass. As long as my kids are happy then I am happy. But how do I do that? I have dreams of coming home and stepping into a clean, orderly house, with everything in its place and breathing a calm, contented, happy sigh. Ahhhh!

Three ... my dad is on my mind so much. This year he has been diagnosed with Alzheimer's and also Parkinson's. He has moved next door to my sister and her husband. She is doing so much to help him and I can't do much at all. I appreciate her so very, very much and love her so very much and I hope she knows that.

My beautiful sister
My Dad and Hannah

Four ... we have a new puppy! He is 10 weeks old and a white Maltese. He is so cute, adorable, naughty, cheeky and at the moment he is pooping and peeing everywhere and anywhere he pleases. But it is worth it.

BJ at 10 weeks old

Five ... Bethany, my gorgeous 8 year old has been invited to participate in a gifted and talented enrichment day. She is so pleased and I am very happy for her. I have always shown her that being intelligent is a great thing. So many people these days are extremely dumb and seem to be extremely proud of that fact and want to bring everyone down to their level. Well I won't have it.  Achieve great things my sweet girl and wow them all.


It's your turn.
What's on your mind? Where's your head at?

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  1. Sorry to hear about your dad. Both my grandads had alziemers and so does my husband's dad. It can be so difficult to watch our loved ones go through it. xx

  2. Thanks Mel. Yes, I do know. Love you to too xx BJ is a little heartbreaker!! totally scrumptious! . Bethany, I'm so very proud of you darling girl xx

  3. What a cute little new puppy! On my mind: I have GOT to get away from the computer ... my neck and shoulders are killing me :)


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