Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Armed and Dangerous

As I sit here I am armed and dangerous.

Yep, put one little white velvet paw out of place and you get it.

Our house at the moment is completely and utterly mad. Well.. that is to say it is completely and utterly madder than it is on a 'usual' day.

Almost two weeks ago now, we got B.J. a little white Maltese. Last week we got Snuggles, a little tabby kitten. These little tear-aways are 12 weeks and 10 weeks old respectively. 

Introductions were done, with kitten taking an instant dislike to puppy and hissing and spitting at him whenever they chance to be within eye shot of one another. Now puppy barks repeatedly at Snuggles. Hence the need for me to garner reinforcements. I have checked out these citronella collars for dogs. They are so expensive that to buy one one would require selling off one of my children. So really not a valid option.

Growing outside we have a lemon tree, the lemons are very small at the moment, and Angus has picked nearly all of them off. So I have filled a spray bottle with water and cut up two of these little lemons and put them in the water.

Now, whenever this little renegade barks he gets a squirt from me. Judging by his face and subsequent sniffs and snuffles afterwards, he doesn't like it. Although I have only used it for a few hours, he is starting to learn already. I do love this little doggy. But I am not one of these owners that will pander to him and say it is too cruel. I believe a dog should behave himself. Even a 12 week old puppy, who is only learning. He is going to learn the right way and not get into any bad habits early on. Do you agree, or does that sound too harsh to you? Honestly now.

I have four kids. My house is at its best organised chaos. Things have to chug along, relatively smoothly, or mummy loses the plot. 

So as I sit here spray bottle at the ready, I am back in control and relative peace is reigning again. I tell you what though... if one of the children would like to try their luck, they can get a squirt too!


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