Thursday, 1 December 2011

Fisher Price 1-2-3 Crawl-Along Snail ~ Product Review

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We all love to get something in the mail and a nice big package arrived the other day.

It was a Fisher Price 1-2-3 Crawl-Along Snail and the first thing I noticed was the easy peasy way of getting this fun toy out out of the box. Usually there is a zillion ties and maybe even a screw or two making it quite impossible to get into without scissors and screwdrivers and such. But the clever people at Fisher Price came up with a nifty little fastener that required a simple turn and it was out and ready for action.

My little one's eyes just lit up when he spotted it. Ma! ma! he said, which translates to Mine! mine! In fact all 4 of my children, even the 8 year old, wanted to play with it.

This lovely, colourful toy is suitable for 3-36 month olds. For the younger bub, it is great for tummy time, there is a large mirror, setting for sounds and music, and they will love looking at the friendly snail's face as it lights up and plays them a lively song to make them giggle.

For those babies who are sitting up, it has a handy lock so that the snail doesn't escape from them as they are playing. It rocks back and forth when they bat it and there is a cute little ladybird riding on top that they can slide up and down.

For crawling babies on the go, you can release the brakes. This sends the snail in a wiggly, wobbly path across the floor, for a delighted baby to follow.

It comes with the batteries needed, so you don't have to worry about that.

My 22 month old loved it lots and lots. He could turn it on and off himself and sat with it on his lap as it played the songs. He was enthralled.  He had that look on his face that he gets when has found a special treasure. It kept him entertained for ages.

I would certainly recommend this toy for little ones in the same age group as my Josh, as well as younger bubs too.

I love Fisher Price Baby toys. I can still remember playing with the Activity Center. Do you have a favourite Fisher Price toy that you remember when you were growing up?



  1. My daughter plays MY FP activity center from the late 70s, same toy shown in the picture above. Love it!

  2. My daughter plays MY activity center from the late 70s. Same toy shown in the picture above.
    Love it!


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