Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Literary Link-up Challenge

Do you fancy yourself as a bit of an author? I know for a fact that a lot of my bloggy buddies are very talented writers. Just for a bit of fun here is a challenge!

Can you write 2 paragraphs or less, that include the following items.

- The sentence, “If he didn't know better ____________."
- The long flight of stairs
- A Bathing Suit
- A mango
- A pair of scissors
- A tape measure.

Here is my little effort. Can you do better? I am sure that you can.

It was almost finished. The design portfolio was due by close of business today and Marcus was running ahead of time, he thought with surprise. A small smile played at his lips. If he didn't know better, he could relax and enjoy the rest of his day. But as he had come to expect, last minute details, unforseen problems could all crop up and he needed to be ready for anything.
He glanced at the finished garments. The bold, bright colours of the pool and leisure wear were probably the best things he had created so far and he was proud of all he had accomplished. The pristine white bathing suit with the vibrant mango motif, looked stylish and summery. He adjusted the tape measure around his neck and brought his attention back to the matching coverall. He took a pair of scissors and carefully trimmed an errant cotton end. There, he sighed, all finished. To get it from his upstairs apartment to the car he would need to make a few trips down the long flight of stairs. But it was all good. Nothing could get him down today.

Write a blog post and link it back to me at A Welcoming Hearth. 
I might make it a weekly event.

I look forward to reading your paragraphs and seeing some of your imaginations at work.



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  1. That's so good! I don't think I could have done that. Working to prescription must be difficult. If you keep going I will give it a go at some point :)


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