Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Hamilton Sunscreen Product Review

I love living in Australia. We have an abundance of sea, sand, surf, and sun.

I live in Queensland. The sunshine state. Brisbane gets an average of 113 clear days a year. That is a lot of sunshine.


Having a good sunscreen is so very important to us Aussies. For my family it should be SPF 30+ and have both UVA and UVB protection. It has to be water resistant and be able to be used by toddlers and children with sensitive skin and also mum and dad too.


Our family have been trying out the Hamilton range of sunscreens. Master 23 months and Miss 8 have skin that is prone to rashes and irritation so they both tried out the Hamilton Sun Sensitive for Hyper-Sensitive skin. Miss 8 made the comment that it didn't feel like she had any sunscreen on at all. It went on easily and was very quick to absorb into the skin.

Hamilton Sensitive Sunscreen is:
• Free of chemical absorbers
• Fragrance free
• Non comedogenic, doesn’t clog pores
• Gentle Broad spectrum SPF30+ UVA and UVB protection with 4 hours water resistance
• 75g cream tube RRP $14.30
• 125mL lotion bottle RRP $17.45
• 250mL lotion bottle RRP$21.55

For Miss 7 and Mummy we tried out the Hamilton Sun Family Sunscreen. This sunscreen is for everyday use for the whole family, whatever they are doing throughout the day. It is suitable for adults and children. This felt light and non greasy and the moisturiser made it very easy to apply.


Hamilton Sunscreen Family SPF30+
• Ideal for moderate sun exposure
• Everyday use for the whole family
• Broad spectrum SPF 30+ UVA and UVB protection with 4 hours water resistance
• 50ml roll-on bottle RRP $11.80
• 100g cream tube RRP $14.40
• 125ml milk bottle RRP $14.40
• 250ml milk bottle RRP $21.85
• 500ml milk pump pack RRP $34.15

For Master 3 we tried out the Hamilton Toddler Sunscreen. It was very easy to apply and soaked in quickly without feeling too greasy on his skin. It had his tick of approval. It is specially designed for young, delicate skin, is fragrance free and has minimal active ingredients. It is Broad spectrum SPF 30+, UVA and UVB protection, with 4 hours of water resistance.


All the products were excellent and I would definitely buy them for my family again. Always remember the sunscreen when you and you family are out and about in the sun. Enjoy your summer and have fun!


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  1. A very good and informative post that may come in handy especially for those who are in Australia.


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