Thursday, 29 December 2011


I came across this poem a little while ago, and it is quite touching.

Because he loved me,

He did the dishes
Rubbed my feet
Surprised me with tulips
Took me to musicals even though he didn't like them
Carried my bags while I did the shopping,
Held my hand.

He died of cancer four years ago.

Because he loved me,
I can stay in our home.
I can be here for our children.
I can afford to pay for their education
I can worry about the other things in life besides money.

He still loves me. And he shows it.

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  • Whole Life Insurance is cheap and simple. But the insurance company can use the interest for what they choose.
  • Single Premium Life Insurance - You make a lump sum deposit at the start of your policy and don't need to make any premium payments.
  • Universal Life Insurance is flexible. You can choose how much goes into the savings account and how much goes into your policy.
  • Variable Life Insurance - You can choose what investments to make with your money, either high risk or low risk.
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