Friday, 30 September 2011

Denim Dreams Polyvore Challenge

Welcome back for this weeks Polly Dolly Polyvore challenge!
This week the theme is Denim Skirt.

Denim Dreams

Lucky Brand scoop neck top
$60 -

Ann Harvey denim skirt
£21 -

Wet seal boots
$30 -

Lucky Brand satchel bag
$209 -

R J Graziano chunky jewelry
$105 -

$700 -

Leather sunglasses
$160 -

You can check out lots of other creations over at  It is good fun and I can pretend I am rich! :-)


Thursday, 29 September 2011

20 Years Ago Today I Lost My Mum

It was the 29th September, 1991 a beautiful Brisbane day. It was warm and the humidity was heavy in the air. I was 22 years old.

My dear mum had Cancer. It was very aggressive and had spread to her lymph glands. After about four operations and courses of chemo and radiation therapy the doctors couldn't do any more. They decided to move Mum into a hospice with palliative care. So she was moved to Mt Olivet in Kangaroo Point. The day they told us that it wouldn't be long, I remember going home that night, getting into bed, pulling the covers over my head, pulling my knees up into my chest, curling up into a tight ball and moaning like some sort of wounded animal, then I cried until no more tears would come.

My mum was an amazing person. Born in Southampton in 1936. She lived through the Southampton Blitz in 1940/41. The air raid sirens would go off and they would all troop down to the bomb shelter, with their gas masks. She said her mum would then go back into the house and make everyone a cup of tea, sirens or no sirens!

She married when she was 21 to my Dad. An opportunity came up to travel to Australia. So in 1957, a sweet, English girl came out to a Cattle Station near Broome in the rugged outback of Western Australia. What a culture shock that must have been. But mum was made of quite strong stuff.

Her next adventure was to the jungles of Liberia in west Africa. Where I was born in 1969.

My mum was charismatic, drew people to her like a magnet, always helping out, whenever and wherever she saw a need. Her life was interesting and varied. She took it all in her stride. She was loved by all.

To deal with the pain in the later stages my mum was taking lots of Morphine. Which I know was needed, but the mum that I knew and talked to about things wasn't there any more. She was confused, had hallucinations and her mind wandered and if she did speak I couldn't make much sense of it. Then on that warm Sunday afternoon we were around your bed. I was holding your hand when you slipped away.

Then such a contrast of feelings flooded over me - emptiness, relief, panic, lightening, release. I remember walking around in a daze for the rest of the day. Feeling sorry when I told others what had happened and seeing them struggle with words to reply.

I realised then that I am strong, just like my mum.

How you would love your grand kids. You got to see your first grandchild, my gorgeous nephew Daniel. But my first baby came alone in 2003. I still feel that aching emptiness there when I think of you. A girl will always need her mum, and that, for me will never change. I love you Mum.


Monday, 26 September 2011

Cherish Your Cherubs Project: Show Affection

This is the final week for the Cherish Your Cherubs Project. I feel sad that it is coming to an end. It has been wonderful to share my thoughts and feelings with everyone. Being able to link up with other like-minded mummys whose love for their children is obvious and indisputable has been heart warming and I feel very blessed to have been a part of it. Thank you Naomi!

This week the theme was SHOW AFFECTION.

Although I knew without a doubt that my mum and dad loved us kids, they weren't very demonstrative. Kisses and cuddles were quite rare. I vowed to change things with my own kids. I am glad to say that we have raised some very cuddly cherubs indeed. 

Bethany is a little cuddle monster. She is a very touchy-feely girl. Saying goodnight to her involves giving her at the very least three cuddles and two kisses. Sometimes it is hard to get out of her door.

Hannah pretends that she doesn't like cuddles. But I know that she loves her cuddles just as much as Bethany does. It is Hannah who will hold my hand when we are out at the shops and she will come and sit on my lap for a lovely cuddle.

Angus is a mummy's boy. He loves a good cuddle and I sometimes find him gazing at me with such love in his beautiful eyes that it makes my heart melt.

Joshua's cuddles are the best. His cuddles involve his whole little body snuggling into you. When he kisses, he just touches you with his little wet lips. It is just gorgeous.

My children are so different but they all need their cuddles. It is so important to them.

The Rescuing Hug
(Please take some time to read this article. It is just wonderful).

What are some of the ways that your family shows affection?


Saturday, 24 September 2011

Prairie Doll

Prairie Doll

Nike rubber shoes
£67 -

Kimchi Blue back pack bag
$49 -

Citrine By The Stones flower jewelry
€77 -

Wet Seal chain link jewelry
$7.50 -

Leather sunglasses
$160 -

Madewell wide brim felt hat
$45 -

Monsoon floral hair accessory
£5 -

Background Brushwood Wall Art - Wall Sculpture - Home Accents - Home...
$109 -

I have just spent far too much time playing dress ups at It is great fun! You can create a complete outfit, mix and match clothes and accessories, max out your imaginary credit cards and all without paying a cent. :-)

Playing Along With Danimezza  This weeks theme was Prairie Doll!


Saturday is Caption Day!

Take it easy Saturdays with 'Saturday is Caption Day'!

Can you come up with a humorous caption for the above picture of my cute kids? :-)

I am linking up with Mammasaurus for Saturday is Caption Day 4.

Saturday Is Caption Day

Clink on the link and check out her cute picture that is waiting for a caption too!


Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Cherish Your Cherubs Project: Write

My children,

My love for you is boundless and endless. I think of my love for each one of you and I can feel my heart move in my chest; my eyes fill with tears and my breath is stolen away.

You each hold a piece of mummy's heart with you. You are the reason I get up in the morning. The words almost fail me when I attempt to write down my love for you.

Bethany - your quiet dignity and your caring nature will make you loved by those who are fortunate enough to call you a friend.

Hannah - your fun loving antics and your infectious giggle will ensure that you are sought after and everyone will love you all of your life. I hope that you find some friends that appreciate your wonderful sense of humour and know just how precious you are.

Angus - you are a real sweetheart. Sweet, lovable and kind as well as incredibly handsome with your blond curly hair and beautiful blue eyes. 

Joshua - Gorgeous, cheeky and intelligent. You are confident and assertive and you are going to make an awesome grown man.

I love the fact that you are all so kind and all so filled with empathy for others. You are amazing children and I count myself extremely blessed that you are mine. I have this important job of raising you to adulthood, to impart my knowledge of the world to you and guide you along lifes journey.

I hope that as you grow and mature you are able to accomplish your dreams and desires. I hope that the road isn't too bumpy and you continue to develop your incredible qualities and strengths.

I am so very, very blessed to have you as my children and I will love you all my life. 

I love this song by Lee Ann Womack. I dedicate it to my girls. I Hope You Dance.

This is Week 5 of the Cherish Your Cherubs Project. The beautiful Naomi at Seven Cherubs has invited us to link up with her blog.


Sunday, 18 September 2011

Animal Magnetism

I am linking up with Tina at and sharing my love of the amazing animals that we share this beautiful world with.

Are you ready?

This is my Mum! So there :-)


Pout, Simper, Claw, Bite... Oh wait where were we?

Let Sleeping Cats Lie...

Just a little closer...

Oh Hai!

Squirrel Coco Loco

Mmmm Tasty...

Hugh, I am coming for you!

You can check out the rest of my Pinterest Boards here


Sunday Inspiration

My Thought for the New Week Ahead

Friends are one of the most important ingredients in the recipe of life. I hope I never take them for granted. 

I hope that you have some wonderful, valuable friends in your life.


Saturday, 17 September 2011

Saturday is Caption Day!

Take it easy Saturdays with ‘Saturday Is Caption Day’ - Week 3!

Today I am linking with the delightful Mammasaurus.
Simply post up a photo and readers can come up with captions for it – easy peasy weekend fun.
Can you think of a funny caption for this picture:

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Cherish Your Cherubs Project: Praise

Praise and encouragement are something that is a big part of my family life. I have always given lots of praise and my cherubs have always been very praise-worthy. This week Naomi at Seven Cherubs is talking about Praise in Week 4 of her Cherish Your Cherubs Project.

Naomi wanted us to try to spend more time speaking positively to our cherubs. To actively seek out good things that they are doing and to praise them for it.

Bethany (8 years old)

My sweet, gentle Bethany never ceases to amaze me. It is never a difficult thing to praise her. She is a very clever girl and is always doing a wonderful job at her school work. She gets so many certificates and awards from school, we have filled up a display book just for her. This week I have focused on praising her for doing helpful things without any prompting. She washes up the dishes without being asked. She gets Angus' shoes on ready to go out, she tidied her room, she helped Hannah with her homework, she takes the time to help Angus and Joshua with lots of different things. I am very proud of my beautiful girl.

Hannah (7 years old)

Hannah loves to help. You only have to mention that something needs doing and Hannah will run to do it. This week I have praised her for spending a lot of time playing with Joshua. She has swept up outside and trimmed a few bushes for me this week as well. With a little prompting she cleaned her bedroom very well. She is just awesome and has such a great sense of humour, she really makes me laugh sometimes. She is great company and wonderful to have around.

Angus (3 years old)

The huge thing this week that I had to praise Angus for was a blood test. He has never had one before and I was dreading it. I explained to him what would happen; armed him with his Tigger to cuddle and a lollipop to hold onto. He sat on my lap and I held his little arm still. I told him to cuddle his toy and look at Joshua in his stroller as they did it. He was such a brave boy. They gave him a red band-aid and a sticker to put on his shirt. I gave him a lot of praise and cuddles and kisses for the rest of the day.

Joshua (18 months)

I feel that babies need praise almost as much as food and air. They thrive on it. I praised Joshua this week for having a gorgeous smile, learning how to run, telling me his nappy needed changing, lying still while I changed his nappy, eating all his dinner. holding my hand while he walked, giving great cuddles and kisses, going straight to sleep, being a good boy at the shops, the doctors and school, and being gentle with books.

Praise and encouragement is so necessary for children. They need to know that they are a valued and appreciated and important member of the family. They need to know that you notice when they put in an effort to be good or have done a kind thing for somebody else.

I like the following verse written by Dorothy L. Law in 1959.

It is all about focusing on the positive and minimizing the criticism and the negatives. Children can be the best they can be, under these circumstances.

I am looking forward to next week's challenge Naomi has set us. We can spend some time writing out our feelings for our cherubs and leaving them little notes under their pillows or in their lunch boxes for them to find. Another great idea!


Sunday, 11 September 2011

A Reason For Hope

Today I am linking up with Tina at and indulging in a bit of Pinterest.

As it is September 11th today, I thought I would add an Album on my Pinterest page called Hope. I would love to share a few pictures with you.

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