Friday, 27 January 2012

Best Spring 2012 Nail Trends

There is something so sophisticated and special about having lovely manicured nails. It shows you care about your appearance. It shows your spirit, adventurous and daring or reserved and safe.

So what are the nail trends and colours that are in for 2012? This year has been described as the most flattering manicure season yet. Lots of pretty, wearable shades of beige and cream, classic reds, soft pastels, mellow yellows and chic corals. These are my sort of colours.

This is Julep's definition of beauty.

Beauty is who you are when you don’t beg to be anybody else.
Beauty is saying Why not when your mind says Excuse me?
Beauty is yes to crimson, cobalt blue, savage brown, to Catherine then Lucy then Liv and whatever strikes next.
Beauty is confidence squared.
Beauty is bravery against all comers.
Beauty is knowing no matter what, you aren’t the beast.
Beauty isn’t an act, but an art.
Beauty lingers, lasts, increases, wows.
Beauty both whispers and shouts.
Beauty is the life of the party. Actually, it’s the party.
Beauty likes the uncommon, the unexpected, the ecstatic, both the calm and the storm.
Beauty doesn’t play that game.
Beauty had a rule once and it broke it.
Beauty thinks we should all lighten up already.
Beauty is finding your own place in the world. Or making it up as you go along.
Beauty is a rite of passage and look, you’ve earned it.
Beauty is a ritual, an open door, an amusement ride, a sanctuary, shelter, the last sorority you’ll ever need.
Beauty is when you take off instead of cover up.
Beauty is who you are when you’re among friends.
When you’re connected revealed released free.

But because of the minimalist look, perfection is the key. Keep them well maintained, with no chips of scuffs. 

Glossy, soft, sophisticated, feminine and elegant. This season's manicures are going to be a lot of fun.

Have a look at some of the best spring 2012 nail trends in Harper's Bazaar.


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  1. the tye died nails look too awesome!! im super into pastels on nails lately - i just bought an aqua-ey pastel color today. nails are fun :)


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