Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Medicare Supplemental Insurance (USA)

Medicare is a very good start when it comes to providing cover for your health expenses, but as you probably know when there is a lot of doctors, medical and hospital bills coming in paying the gap can really add up.

Medicare Supplement plans

That is were Medicare Supplemental Insurance can be a real help and provide a bit of financial peace of mind. There are a lot of policies out there and looking for the best one for you can be a bit overwhelming. Sometimes a supplemental insurance policy can be called a Medigap policy. This is because they are designed to cover the gap that medicare alone doesn't pay for.

All of the Medicare Supplemental Insurance plans available are standardised across the board. That means that plans with the same letter have the same benefits. But the levels of customer service and the rates you receive are not.

The Medigap plans are letters A-N and they each have differing costs and levels of coverage. Not all insurance companies offer all the plans available. Starting at the basic Plan A. This is a good option for those on a budget as the premiums are lower but it is very basic. The plans then get more comprehensive. Right up to the more expensive plans. Plan C is excellent for seniors. Plan K is designed for those who need additional skilled nursing or hospice services.

It really pays to shop around to find the best deals available. If you live in the USA a very good place to start is Medicare Supplement Insurance. So that you can get a great plan that fits your lifestyle and your pocket.

Please click here if you live in America and would like find an office near you.

MyMedicare.gov (the official US Government Medicare site).


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  1. We in Canada are luckier than our friends to the south. We really don't need Medi Care as our Health system is great and pays for basically everything other than prescriptions. And if you have a good drug plan where you work, that will cover the prescriptions.


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