Thursday, 19 January 2012


SlideDeck is easy to use, packed with features and saves you a lot of time. With SlideDeck you are able to organise any content, pictures or presentations on your blog or web page into a very cool, user-friendly slide slow. One of the great benefits with SlideDeck is that it is easy customisable and can fit in with your business or blog. It is available as a jquery slider plugin or as a WordPress plugin.

It is a great way to share your ideas, processes and products in a clear and understandable way.

Some of the benefits of SlideDeck are:
  • Save a lot of development time
  • Create varied slides within one presentation
  • Integrates neatly with Wordpress clients
  • SEO Friendly (easily found by search engines)
  • Great support team
  • Beautiful default design
  • Easily reconfigured to add or change the behaviour.

A lot of the websites that you come into contact with are clogged with text, titles, bullet points. You get a bit of an information overload. Let's face it in today's world we are busy people and to come across a page where you can easily scan down the vertical sliders and see what subjects are going to be dealt with. You can choose to go through them systematically if you are a beginner or you can jump ahead to a slide with the topic that interests you.

You can get a free unlimited time-trial here and you can check out the prices for getting SlideDeck Pro.


  1. Very useful post. I'll try on my blog. Plz check out my new post on Fish Pond . Thanks !


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