Sunday, 5 February 2012

Beautiful Memories

When I feel a bit down, I love to remember happy times. These are some of the most beautiful places that I have visited in the world. A long time ago now; seems like in another life. These pins are taken from my Favourite Places and Spaces board on Pinterest. If you would like an invite please just shoot me an email.

I love this place. Queenstown with The Remarkables in the background. The name of those mountains are so fitting don't you think? New Zealand is beautiful. The South Island in particular.

Ahh Clovelly in Devon, England. A more cute, picturesque village you will never find. It used to have donkeys travelling up and down the cobbles to the sea at the bottom of the hill.

Switzerland has to be one of the most beautiful countries in the world.

The Lake District in England.

Isle of Wight, Southern England

Trevi Fountain, Rome, Italy

Pemberton, South Western Australia

Curtis Falls, Tamborine Mountains, Queensland. Coming back close to home. These lovely falls are in the rainforest about 30 minutes drive from where I live now.

I hope that you have enjoyed travelling with me to some of my favourite places.

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  1. Beautiful photos...travelling to other parts of the world, meeting new interesting people and breathing in the essence of "living" instead of "existing" is life. Thanks for sharing your memories with us :-)

  2. Oh Melanie, these are divine. You are so right, travel photos are indeed those instantaneous happy times in life kinda moments aren't they.

    As I went through your pictures - I nodded at Devon/Cornwell our family memory was not far I think with Mevagissey (clotted cream)....

    And then your picture of the Lakes District....oh gosh yes....the little memories I have locked in there. Thanks for transporting me to a happy place today !

    Special happy times indeed - yeah for warm fuzzy memories :)

  3. These images are just beautiful. We're lucky to have beautiful waterfalls like that near us too. Thanks for linking up this week, Melanie :)


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