Thursday, 9 February 2012

Giveaway ~ Back to School with Bakers Delight

The start of yet another school year a short time ago and I have worked out that means about 186 lunch ideas to come up with this year. Scary thought! Do you find it as hard as me to come up with healthy, yummy, appetising ideas? Something that your children will like and won't get left to go soggy and stale in their lunch boxes or at the bottom of their bags.

As mums and dads we want to give our kids the best we can. Nutritious food that will keep their minds and bodies active, and ensure that they are productive and mentally alert in the classroom. Our kids use up a huge amount of energy in their day, and lunchtime is a very important meal for them. Without it they would run out of fuel in the afternoon.

Our school has some time in the morning when kids can bring in some healthy food to munch on while working. Some teachers call it Brain Food. My daughter's Grade 2 teacher calls it Mental Munchies! It keeps their brains charged and ready for learning.

I am fortunate all my kids love healthy food. They get quite excited when I buy a bag of carrots. With four children in the house, the time in the mornings spent getting ready for school, can be quite busy and sometimes stressful when a hairbrush or some homework goes missing at the last minute. Making lunches for the girls is a basic and quick job.

Is your morning the same as mine, with a bit of a rush job or do you take some care and make lunches that are works of art?

  • I will give my girls a few options for sandwich fillers and let them decide. Sometimes ham, cheese and tomato, or maybe tuna and salad. Their favourite seems to be cheese and Vegemite, which is fine with me.
  • They have a small bottle of juice, which I fill up each day. I find this to be so much cheaper than buying juice boxes or pop top drinks every day for them.
  • I make sure they have a piece of fruit.
  • Usually some sultanas and
  • Also some biscuits.
  • For their brain food I cut up an apple, or celery and carrot.

Personally I try to avoid muesli or fruit bars. They are ok occasionally but I find that they are so high in sugar, and with two at school and one starting next year, they just don't last. Two or three days and a packet is gone.

I remember when Bethany first started school. I carefully made a salad plate for her to take. I put ham, cheese cubes, cherry tomatoes, sultanas, lettuce, grated carrot, cucumber, a boiled egg. It all took far too much time. Yes it was super healthy, but when she came home that afternoon she said it took so long to eat, and everyone else had finished and was off playing and she was still munching away. Poor girl! I never did that to her or myself again.

When I went to school. A long time ago now! I was the kid with the smelly sardine sandwiches, that everyone made fun of. When I asked mum for something more socially (i.e. playground) acceptable, I remember mum saying, they are just silly and sardines are very healthy and I shouldn't care what other people think. She was right of course, but it didn't make it any easier for a shy girl like me. But then I think these were kids that would bring jelly crystals and milk powder to school. Does anyone remember that craze?

For the past week we have enjoyed some gorgeous, yummy bread from Bakers Delight. Their very popular High Fibre, Lo GI Bread and also their Chia loaf. They make such beautiful bread! I have never tried the Chia bread before. But now I am a fan. It smells divine and tastes even better. My whole family loved it. Their unanimous vote was 'Yummy'. It didn't last very long at our place and I will be buying some more very soon.

Giveaway Is Now Closed

The lovely people at Bakers Delight have given A Welcoming Hearth three vouchers for $10 worth of dough! Three lucky people can get the chance to pick $10 worth of freshly baked bread from Bakers Delight. 

To enter is simple. Subscribe to A Welcoming Hearth and leave a comment on this post. Tell me what you make your children for school lunch? Offer available in Australia only.

Do you knead some fresh bread? Will you rise to the occasion?  :P

Winners will be picked my and entries will close on Sunday 19th February, 2012 at 10.00 pm, so don't loaf around and get rolling! 

Which ones are you going to try?

Bakers Delight facebook page is holding a competition, Share Your Lunch and Win Free Bread for a Year! Please pop on over and vote for my school lunch idea or you can upload your own photo of your best school lunch idea using bread from Bakers Delight.

“Bread is the king of the table and all else is merely the court that surrounds the king. The countries are the soup, the meat, the vegetables, the salad, but bread is king.”
Louis Bromfield, American novelist (1896-1956)



  1. Good old ham, cheese and tomato are the stock favourite. Especially use the new Bega cheese cutter out, making shapes of Australia, a tractor, animals, etc (and incidentally cutting off the crusts for my fussy eaters!) which seem to turn the ordinary sandwich into the extraordinary sandwich.

  2. I've been making chicken & salad sandwiches lately. Something we all enjoy. I put in a cold pack to keep them fresh.

    I'm a joiner.


  3. I had real issues with Ben not eating his packed lunch lately but I found that by getting him to come shopping with me, he's happy to eat his lunch. I still make sure he makes healthy choices but he enjoys the control. At the moment, he likes yogurt pouches put in the freezer so by the time he eats lunch they've defrosted to a smoothie like consistency. Rx


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