Friday, 10 February 2012

Ikea it's Swedish for Wonderful :-)

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I love Ikea. I especially love their restaurant! Do you remember this yummy breakfast photo that I posted for the January Photo A Day Challenge.

I am even a member of the IKEA Family. It is free to join and you get free hot drinks and other lovely things. Yes I am a fan!

I need to get there again soon. 

I know that my kids need these for their rooms to help them find their bedroom floor again.

Kid's Bedroom Ideas

Mum and Dad would love this. It would help declutter our bedroom and less stress means more restful sleep.

Adult Bedroom Ideas

Our laundry area could do with a few of these good ideas.

Laundry and Storage Ideas

Our computer area could do with this, so that we work on paper and not under it.

Home Office/Study Ideas

Have you got an Ikea near you?


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  1. Yes and I heart it! Myu son plays in the soft play and they give me a pager and (although it's never happened), they can just page me if there are any problems. Rx


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