Sunday, 12 February 2012

What has been Piquing my Pinterest this week.

Pinterest is a virtual pin up board. You can use it to keep recipes, home decorating ideas, motorbikes, flowers, animals, well the list is pretty much endless, and is limited only by your imagination!

If you would like to get totally addicted like me see what all the fuss is about, then just shoot me an email and I can invite you.

This week I thought I would show you some random pins that I found interesting during the past week.

How adorable is this? Since I pinned it about 3 days ago now, it has been repinned 58 times! Cute animal pictures are always a big hit.

I always love a good Marilyn quote. She was very wise.

All so very true...

Unfortunately this is also true! Hehehe!

Pretty and clever!

Never judge others. We do not have that right.

Sums it up, don't ya think?

Tina Gray {dot} Me

Have a great week everyone and take care!



  1. Very cool. I like the Marilyn Monroe quote, I'd heard the quote before but didn't know it was her who said it. Also must admit I giggled at the cat images

  2. Very cute. I saw that hedgehog one, it's adorable. I love the first cat one best. So true!

  3. Heart hands to Maryiln, I find the current emphasis on physical appearance mildly terrifying. Recently I did some work on body image with my form class and what they consider unattractive was shocking: small chest, freckles, very short hair on women- when did we become so boring?

    I look at photos of young girls at music festivals in false eyelashes, hot pants etc and feel sad- I used to go in my dad's jumpers! I hope society changes before my son hits his teens but I can't see that happening. Rx


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