Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Lego Inspirations and Pinterest Praise

Every so often I get an email from a website in the States called Online Colleges.

They always include a cool link to one of the interesting posts on their website, and they ask me if I would be so kind as to share it with my readers.

I think that anything education related is interesting and worth reading. So I always say yes! I receive nothing but I think that knowledge and wanting to further your education is a wonderful thing.

1.  The first one is The Learning Power of Lego. I love this page! It has everything you could ever        want to know about that humble little brick.

The Learning Power of LEGO
         Via: Online College Advice

2.  The next article is called 48 Great Ways that Homeschoolers are using Pinterest48 great                  ideas! Not only for homeschoolers but for everyone.



  1. Ahhh Melanie... you are SO a woman after my own heart!

    I have, since I was at Uni, had the discussion (sometimes quite heatedly) about the vast difference between Education and Training.

    People ask "what is THIS going to do to help my child to get a job"..... My answer is this - it is not my place, as an educator, to ensure your child 'gets a job', nor to teach them only 'job-related' skills. It is my job as an educator, to enthuse your child about an enormous variety of material, in the hope that they may ultimately discover their true passion. From any true passion comes dedication, and with dedication comes enormous success, and with enormous success comes remuneration which reflects it.

    THIS - my friends - is how I help your children 'get a job' - the difference is, that I actually care about whether they have a passion for that job... or not.

  2. Oh Karyn, you are a very wise woman imho :-) We need to impart to our children a love of learning and a desire to further their knowledge. Very important stuff! :)


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