Thursday, 19 April 2012

Free Apps for iPhone, Android and Windows is a site where you can grab free apps for iphone, Android and Windows Apps.

Search for them by popularity, rank, most downloaded, most reviewed, best free app.

There are apps for windows, iPhone and Android. For whatever you need - games, education, news, reference, sport, social networking, travel, weather, medical, music, navigation, plus lots more.

Freenew was established in May 2010 by a group who were eager to find free and new things on the Internet. is dedicated to providing a selection of popular software, mobile applications, and game downloading and installation services.

Some of the many and varied apps available are:

  • Angry Birds 
  • Farm Story 
  • Sudoku 
  • Fruit Ninja 
  • Night Vision Cam 
  • Barcode Scanner 
  • Real Player 
  • Gmail 
  • Becoming a Self Starter 
  • Achieving Simplicity at Work and at Home. 

There is something here for everyone and it is free!

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