Monday, 14 May 2012

My Furry Therapist

Cats are great therapy!

Any animal really. As I type this I have my cat 'Snuggles' on my lap. Now typing with a rather long cat on one's lap is rather difficult. But it is worth it.

The medical world is slowly coming to the realisation that a patient who is ill will recuperate faster if they have contact with a dog or cat.

The PAT (pets as therapy) cats and dogs are animals that go into hospitals, special needs schools, aged care homes, and basically do what they do best - give unconditional love, purrs and comfort to those in need.

I love my cats. Running your hands over their soft fur, hearing them purr, makes you relax, makes you get things into perspective, does your heart good.

Life is so much better because we have these furry little critters to share our days with. I am such an animal lover. I have enjoyed the company of 8 felines in my life. All with their distinct personalities or should that be purrrsonalities!

Are you an animal lover? If not then you can leave now.... No stay and I will try and convert you.

For someone like me who has suffered from depression for more than half my life now, cats help. As a very wise soul once said "A meow massages the heart".

My cats are my friends, always there, always ready for a tummy rub or a head scratch. Time spent with a cat is never wasted.





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  1. Hi!
    Many treatments are putting the animals for help, and has given many results.
    I love animals, I have a Rottweiler and a parrot, I love them too.
    Your post is wonderful and has great incentive.
    I arrived here via the Blogspot Directory, loved it and I'm already following you, and invite you to meet my blog and if you like, want to follow it will be very happy.


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