Friday, 18 May 2012

Things I Know...

I know that what can seem like an insurmountable problem one week can almost disappear the next. Sometimes all that is needed is a bit of time and things have a way of working out.

I know that there are teachers and then there are Teachers. Bethany's teacher this year is Angela Massingham. She is just wonderful. She doesn't push Bethany beyond what she can do, but at the same time realises what an incredibly gifted girl she is.

I know that within two hours of filling up the sand pit with sand there will be sand all over the garden, all over the floor, on the stairs and in all the beds.

I know 'now' that the Joshua playing in the sandpit with a hoodie on is a very bad idea. The hood turns into a sand collector and will then be emptied out into the cot when I lay him down for his nap!

I know that I am excited to be attending an Australia's Biggest Morning Tea next Thursday!

I know that some people are so open minded that their brains have fallen out.

I know that when you find a friend, you should hold on to them with both hands.

                                                                         Source: Uploaded by user via Melanie on Pinterest

What things do you know this week?

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