Tuesday, 8 May 2012

What makes you happy?

It is good for me to focus on the good things in my life and to think about what makes me happy.

I can get into a more positive frame of mind.

So I thought I would list the things that make me happy. This is a personal list and I do realise that what makes me happy may not be what makes another person happy and also what makes me happy today might change next week.

Ok, in no particular order:

Happiness is my cat curling up on my lap and purring.

Happiness is having the lawn mowed.

Happiness is night time when I have four sleeping beauties.

Happiness is sleeping all night.

Happiness is having a warm, relaxing bath.

Happiness is coffee.

Happiness is having four clean kids with freshly washed hair.

Happiness is a clean house.

Happiness is happy kids.

Happiness is seeing a rainbow.

Happiness is being surrounded by good friends.

Happiness is looking up into a night sky full of stars, with a bright and full moon.

Happiness is doing something for someone in need.

Happiness is being appreciated.

Please feel free to add your own in the comments. What makes you happy?


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  1. happiness to me is that twilight moment when the world outside sleeps, and everything goes quiet. It's a time when someone has pressed ''standby'' on all the daily hustle and bustle and a time of quiet reflection.

    Happiness also for me is homemade chunky Chicken soup with stone-bakes crusty bread. :)


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