Thursday, 28 June 2012

Are We Becoming Illiterate?

It was a rainy, cold day yesterday and we decided to go to the library.

Now, I don't know about you, but when I was little, a rainy, cold day meant that we couldn't go out to the park or beach. We couldn't play outside. It then meant that we would go to the library. Stock up on books. Take our treasured finds home and find a comfy, warm spot to read. To escape to another land! Another time! Another world!

I loved it!

Except for a few people on the computers surfing the net, the library was empty. I thought it was kind of sad. My kids all love books. I am very thankful for that. Perhaps because of me and my husbands' love of books, it has rubbed off on them. Like my mums' and dads' love of books and reading rubbed off on me.

When I was younger, not all that long ago, shopping centres had book shops. Lots of book shops. There was Angus & Robertson, QBD, Dymocks, Borders, Bookworld. As well as the local second hand bookshops.

Now Angus & Robertson and Borders have been bought up by Bookworld and they are only online now. To find a Dymocks I have to travel out of my way. There are only 7 in the whole of Queensland. QBD thankfully still have two stores close by.

In our local shopping centre there are absolutely no book shops. To a book lover like me, it is disheartening.

Are children all glued to their computers and mobiles now? 

I know we all lead busy lives. I would read a lot more if I had more time. Are you the same?

Given the time do you love to read? Do you love to read to your children? Do your children love to read? Please gentle readers, restore my faith in humanity.



  1. superb pictures :)

    very good presenation :)

  2. I just think people are reading on other media than paper. they may actually be reading more!

    Hope you are having a good week.

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  4. I adore reading, couldn't live without my books. My daughter sees me with books all the time and she has her own shelf in the big bookcase. She is 22 months and often sits and reads by herself quite happily. Of course, I read to her too, although I am not at all focussed on her learning to read for years and years yet, as we are most likely going the Steiner route (learning to read starts nearer 7 years). Learning to read is one of life's greatest gifts and I am ever grateful that my parents fostered a love of books in my heart :-)

  5. I have two girls,we go to rhyme time every week at the library. Miss 2 loves books, not a reader...yet. Miss 7 months loves to chew on books! Love the library, and whats more its all free.


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