Sunday, 3 June 2012

Meet the Family That Could Save Yours

Will your car save you and your family in an accident?

ANCAP stands for the Australasian New Car Assessment Program. ANCAP awards a star rating from 1 (poor) through to 5 (excellent) based on crash tests. To be awarded a 5 star rating a vehicle must achieve the highest international standards in all test categories.

The car you buy affects the safety and well being of your family. Be guided by the stars. It is so important to check that the car you drive is as safe as it can be.

The Crash Test Family is prepared to risk life and limb to make sure that your new car has a 5 star rating. The above link will take you to the ANCAP website and you can test out if your car achieves a 5 star rating. 

Make safety a high priority when you are choosing a new car for your family. Look for a car with a minimum of 4 stars. It could save your life.

Check out ANCAPs facebook page to see some more facts and stats.  


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