Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Squeeze and Stir Lunchtime {Review}

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Right! Joshua in bed for a nap. Angus firmly ensconced in front of the T.V. watching Bob the Builder. It is ME time at last.

It is blowing a gale outside today, cold and wintry. Just the right weather for some yummy, warm soup!

I am trying the new Heinz Squeeze and Stir instant soup today. This is a concentrated paste not a powder. You just squeeze into your cup, add boiling water and stir. It comes in flavours like Big Red Tomato, Mediterranean Vegetable, Ripe Tomato and Vegetable and Rich Tomato with Basil.

On the menu today is Ripe Tomato and Vegetable. Yummy!

The squeezy tube has a tear off section at the top, which actually worked really well. I am usually not good at opening those fiddly little tear off things! Put it down to being left handed. I looked at it and scoffed and looked around for the scissors. But then I thought well I have to try. But it worked! 

You squeeze the paste into your cup and then just add boiling water to cover paste and give it a good stir. Then fill your cup with boiling water give it another stir and enjoy.

I found when I did it this way it mixed really well and you get no lumpy bits.

For an 'instant soup' it was really delicious. I think I prefer the tube to cans. Safer with kids around. No tin can to struggle opening with a can opener (yes left handed thing again!) You can pop it into your bag to take to work for lunch.

There are no artificial colours or flavours. No preservatives and it is low in fat, 99% fat free. It is also suitable for vegetarians.

I think they might be onto a winner!

Mmmm lunch time .... So what are you having for lunch?


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  1. I might have to try these! I'm trying to find healthy lunches and trying to cut out bread so seems like it could be a good option :)


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