Saturday, 21 July 2012

Catching Up With Friends {Giveaway}

What sort of things do you do when you get together with your friends?

Do you like going to a café to grab a coffee? Or do you like having a get together and a bit of morning tea at a friends house? Having a bit of a catch up while watching the kids play at the park is enjoyable too.

We all lead such busy lives don't we? But I am sure that you agree that finding the time to get together with our friends is very important for us as wives, mothers and women. As women we need to talk about things don't we? We need to share our thoughts and our problems. Have a listening ear and a friendly, warm hug from those that are dear to us.

To have someone there to share a coffee with, to talk to, to unwind and relax and enjoy one anothers company, helps us to cope and gives us renewed energy to tackle our busy lives again. 

I know that personally catching up with friends helps keep me focused and ready to face whatever comes my way. 

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2. Leave a comment on this blog post and let me know - 

Why is getting together with your friends important to you?

I will probably be enjoying a coffee while I pick the lucky winner on Saturday the 4th August, 2012 at 12.00 midday. 

Open to Australian residents only.

Be sure to tell your friends! 

Good Luck everyone!


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  1. Kim maxwell galwayst@hotmail.com22 July 2012 at 08:13

    Following you by email.

  2. Am now following via gfc.

    Getting together with friends is important to me because they listen, don't judge, give you help and advice when needed and are alway there when you need a shoulder to cry on.
    To catch up and let all your emotions out. Leaving feeling a whole lot better.

  3. Google friend as chonny88

  4. Very important to me as I treasure friendship and I enjoy the support I receive from them as I have many challanges having an autistic/ADHD/ODD son. Helps keep me sane, they encourage me, and I LOVE coffee.

  5. Iow follow on you google :)

  6. Its so important to get together with my friends regurly as they are like any relationship, they need work and lots of love! Its true what they say that friends are the family you choose! I love catching up with them for a good old belly laugh, a crafty session or day at the beach, they are good for the soul!!

  7. I love getting together with true friends. It's important to me because they support me and get me and I them.

  8. As a mum of three aged seven and under,
    'Me' time is scarce, is it any wonder?!
    So I hang out for catch-ups with my sisters and friends
    When we're together, the laughter never ends
    Usually we love to go shop up a storm
    It's our favourite passtime whether its cool or warm!
    Or we get together for a dance-off on the Wii
    And after some wine, we sing karaoke!
    We all have kids, so it's great for them too
    They create their fun memories, just as we do
    Or if we're really lucky, we'll hi the town
    Leaving the kids with the hubbies is a win hands down!
    Friends dance me through the days of my life
    Even when it's no party or when I'm in strife!

    I follow you via email and GFC.

  9. A year ago I was a new Mum and so unsure of myself- but lucky for me I had a great group of old friends, and a group of new friends (in the form of our Mother's group). This is the Mother's group which is unjudging (thank goodness!), supportive and active. We often meet up, have a group on Facebook and phone each other. Just what is needed- especially when your husband is away for months at a time. russellcathryn at

  10. Being an extrovert and chatterbox, I often get lonely now in my new role as a SAHM, especially when my older kiddies are at school, hubby is working long hours, and my toddler is just learning to talk. A catch up with my friends can make my day seem so much brighter, and ensures cranky Mummy doesn't emerge at night:).

    Subscribed at

  11. To help keep me sane when the kiddies are rampaging!
    To support me on the days I feel like giving up.
    To cry with when it is all too much.
    To laugh with when the crying has ended.
    To encourage one another to be the best versions of ourself.
    The support that a true friend gives is one of the most important gifts a woman can receive.

  12. We were never meant to live life in isolation! Being with my friends helps me have good perspective, challenges my character where I'm becoming slack, gives me wise sounding board to outward process decisions, makes my heart laugh and lightens the load. Girlfriends seriously are the best!

  13. It allows me to be myself and express myself around people who love me and don't judge me.

  14. It let's me to catch up on all the latest goss and I love all the laughs and fun we have together ♥

    Thanks for a great giveaway :)

  15. I have a small group of girlfriends who are an important part of my life. I always say It's more about quality then quantity in friends. Over a cuppa they make me laugh, they me confident, they make me sane they make me so privilege that they are my friends.

  16. I follow via GFC

    Catching up with friends is important to me because it is so easy to have life rush by and before we know it, we haven't see our friends in years. I love making time to catch up as I value my friends. We help each other, give advice and often our kids will just go off and play together, so it's kind of like 'me time' as well.

  17. Without friends to catch up with I think I'd end up as the crazy, cat woman who lives a sad, lonely bitter life.

    Seriously; friends keep you sane, keep you grounded and limit the number of cats you are allowed to have.

    Follow GFC & Email


  18. Catching up with friends helps me to remember who I am. Wrangling kids and house work all day, I often forget!

  19. catching up with friends is so important as I am a travelling Mum - homeschooling - wife of a night shifter - blogger and trying to stay sane at the same time!
    Having a cuppa and a chat means that I can stay happy :)

  20. I follow you by email and google friend!

  21. To keep yourself sane,u need time out without the kids hanging of you to gain some sanity back in your life

  22. Pre-kids I would enjoying having a coffee with friends after a nice dinner out, or after seeing a movie.
    These days, coffee is consumed at a fellow mummy's house while the kids go bezerk outside.
    I subscribe my email - marilyn

  23. Because they keep me sane and without them life would be lonely.

  24. Catching up with friends makes us all feel 'Normal'. We understand each other and realise we are not the only ones who has a child that doesn't eat when told and Doesn't sleep when told.
    It's great to catch up and hear other people's wonderful journeys through life, their opinions and their guidience. True friends can catch regulary or not. These friends just pick up where they left off.
    Its like hearing a song, leaving the room and the song is still playing and you are at the same part of the song when you re enter that room.

  25. I follow you via google friend connect...

  26. I follow you via google friend connect...

  27. While taking care of a newborn and a toddler,i feel stressed out and lost somedays and look forward to meet my friends who listen to me without judging, motivate me, give me confidence that i am taking good care of kids. My friends support me during bad times and share my happy times.

  28. Kelly Arndt- July 2012 at 00:46

    I started my family quite late, although that seems to be more the trend these days. Still, as a forty-something, SAHM of four young children, I seem to be perpetually run off my feet. My second child started primary school this year, but I still have two at home, and I seem to run back and forth all day. I adore being a Mum, but sometimes I forget that I am more than just 'Mummy', as wonderful a title as that is. My friends help to remind me that I am an individual as well. They also encourage me in my role as a Mum and as we swap stories of our children, partners and lives, I realize that we are all striving to achieve the same goal- what is best for our families, as well as achieving our own personal happiness in the midst of that. We also all suffer the same stresses and insecurities and sharing our dreams and successes together helps enormously. Everyone needs at least one true friend, one that you can confide in and cry in front of, and know that you will be supported and not judged. That is a relationship to cherish.

  29. Kelly Arndt- July 2012 at 00:47

    I am following you via Email!

  30. My friends are more than just people I see now and then. They are individuals, who via invested time, help guide me through life's web. They are the support group I rely on when the chips are down. Sometimes I don't even realize I need them but they are always there.

    My true friends listen and genuinely care about what I have to say. They have "carried" and guided me through my darkest days, and helped me celebrate the brightest ones.

    They are an essential part of my life and contribute to my mental stability and happiness.

    So as you can see my friendships mean the world to me and this is why it is so important to keep nurturing good friendships and relationships by going out for coffee, enjoying a movie together or just a simple chat!

    We all need our friends and they need us!

  31. I have moved a bit so my friends tend to be far away. But the chance to get together is always so comforting. It feels like coming home everytime

  32. Following by GFC

    As much as I love my catch ups with friends in recent weeks my coffee catch up I miss is with my Nanna.

    My Mum lives in the country and comes down once a fortnight and we always organise to meet at the Coffee Club with my Nanna. Always hard to find a table to fit us all (I have 3 kids) but they know her so well they always start rearranging tables. My girls love seeing their GG as they know she always has biscuits hidden in her bag. 3 weeks ago she was rushed to hospital with a chest infection. She was so healthy before that but at 92 it doesn't take much to knock them down. She got to come home last week but is back in there again. We all miss our coffee dates but hopefully we will be back to it one day soon.

  33. It's all about sanity, having a conversation that doesn't involve want or need, someone that is actually happy to listen back. Where would we be without friends.

  34. Following Via Email -

    My best friend and I live 2 hours apart, and with both of us now having kids, catching up isn't that easy! but Coffee dates sure are wonderful! I love the support and encouragement that she gives me! It truely amazes me, and after seeing her I leave feeling like i can take on the world again <3

  35. Following Via Email -

    My best friend and I live 2 hours apart, and with both of us now having kids, catching up isn't that easy! but Coffee dates sure are wonderful! I love the support and encouragement that she gives me! It truely amazes me, and after seeing her I leave feeling like i can take on the world again <3

  36. I love skyping.. My bestfriend and my daughters Godmother lives in the UK.. so we skype every Sunday.. it has become such an event that alot of my UK friends pop over at the same time I skype my friend to say hello! Great way to catchup!

  37. Getting together with my friends is what keeps me sane! I got pregnant last time within 6 weeks of emigrating and I didn't know any mums. It was really tough at first but I forced myself to join mums groups after my daughter was born, and to go to a regular monthly night out that one of them ran. In all honesty I hated it at first, not knowing anyone well enough to relax properly, and I was so tired and overwhelmed with my new life as a stay at home mum with a tiny baby, in a new country. But I knew I had to do it to create my mummy circle and to integrate into our new community. Gradually it got easier, and then I grew to love our meet ups. Now I'm pregnant again and life couldn't be more different. This is my first pregnancy with local friends for support, laughter and mutual shoulders to cry on. Having not had it last time, I can't tell you how much I value getting together with my girlfriends and sharing our lives and our kids lives. It is beyond important in keeping the balance right and getting thru the tough times as well as sharing the wonderful bits. Aw have come over all emotional writing this. Pregnany hormones! ;)

  38. Catching up with friends for me is a matter of survival. I'm 39. Single. I have no car or driver's licence. My mum is disabled and I take part-time care of her with my Dad. I *need* to get out of the house from time-to-time. I love my friends.

  39. Kimberley Belford23 July 2012 at 20:00

    New email follower :)

    If I dont have my weekly dose of catch up coffee chat - I feel like I'm missing out on something. I love that we can sit down and enjoy our coffee and chat while the little kids play and the big kids are at school or work lol

  40. Catching up with friends is super important to me as a new mother. I was recently diagnosed with post natal depression and after being hospitalised for 2 weeks because of it - I have realised just how important it is to keep those connections with friends going strong in order to push myself through the scary darkness that is post natal depression. Since leaving hospital and trying to learn to live with my post natal depression I have been working on having regular catch ups with girlfriends over coffee and have even joined a mothers group to have weekly coffee catch ups as well!

  41. Catching up with friends is an essential part of being a great wife, mum and worker. Sometimes, I don't catch up as often as I would like to, but I have to admit that I catch up more with my friends now that I have had a daughter, than when we were all working full time.

  42. Catching up with friends is an essential part of my life. Without friends, life would be pretty boring! I catch up more with my friends now, since we have had children, than when we were all working full time. Facebook and mobiles are great at keeping in contact but nothing beats catching up in person over a coffee or a cuppa!

  43. Getting together with friend is important to me because no matter what is going on, talking with a good friend can be very soul soothing.

  44. I love getting together with friends. Love the gossip, love the laughs and love them taking me away from stress/reality if only for a short while.
    I subscribe via email

  45. Following you by email.

    Getting together with friends is important for me because I live two hours away from the closest town, I only get my non-child non-husband interaction once every few weeks and I'm holding on tight to that last bit of sanity!

  46. Catching up with friends is so important to keep us balanced and living life! Good friends help us be better people, mothers, wives and anything else we want to be!

  47. Following via email...

    Friends always have this uncanning ability to bring you back down to earth! :-)

  48. What I love most about catching up with my friends is when we are together, my heart is full.

  49. Following you by email!
    Gives me something to look forward to after a hard day's of work, and just catching up, having a few laughs and a coffee is a great way to relax and stay happy!

  50. Life as a mum can sometimes be crazy and timeout with friends is a time to cherish. Friends are the people I can depend on and talk to when I'm not feeling strong. They can turn any frown upside down and I love them from the bottom of my bottom. (it's bigger than my heart!)

  51. I am really satisfied with this posting that you have given us. This is really a stupendous work done by you. Thank you and looking for more posts

  52. It simply reminds me who I really am when I am with my friends and having a break from being mummy, chef, laundress, chauffeur, educator and especially nagger.

  53. Catching up with friends is good for the soul. Chatting, laughing, debriefing from all the little daily stresses that can build up, is so important. Without my friends my life would have less clarity and far less laughter.

  54. Catching up with friends is very important to me right now. They lift my mood, encourage me to keep smiling and that I can beat my cancer. Without their inspiration and laughter I'd be down.

  55. Catching up with friends is good for the body and soul, social connections are so important, and to fell liked and loved by friends is the best feeling ever.

  56. Catching up with my friends is important to me because I don't have family in Australia (my family is in France) and after six years of living overseas friends play an important role in my day to day life.

  57. It's best to ask for favours face to face, while plying your friends with chocolate cake of course!

  58. Catching up with friends s important to me as it reminds me of all the good things in life. Good food, good company and good laughs

  59. Catching up with friends is my sanity and relaxation so without it i am a basket case!

  60. I spent last night catching up with frinds, both new and old and I tell you what - good coffee, good food, and good company, re-invigorate the mind and soul.
    Today I have a smile on my face, just recalling last nights conversations!
    if I was to win - I could see a meal being cooked and served for my friends and family!

  61. I had a lovely afternoon giggling with friends at a Nutrimetics party :)

    Following on Google Friends Connect :)

  62. It's important because we are social creatures and there's nothing like catching up with freind to make you feel loved for who you are (warts and all).

  63. Catching up with the girlfriends is crucial to maintaining those strong bonds that fill you with laughter in the good times and support you through the bad...

    And there WILL be bad times at some stage when getting together will be your salvation.

  64. Following your Google Blog

  65. Without Friends I can't be a good mother a, good wife or a sane person.

  66. My faourite friend catch up time is a Thursday morning when we take our children to story time at the library and afterwards we sit in the park, ,drink coffee and talk talk talk sometimes until we realise it is school pick up time
    Thanks for this giveaway.!

  67. Dedicated and devoted foster and biological mummy to seven,
    Being amongst loving friends epitomises pure heaven,
    I count my blessings that I live an authentic life,
    And am honoured to have the role of a mother, friend, Aunty and loyal wife,
    Over the years I’ve realised that life tests us through hardships in more than one trial,
    Which can so easily take away that carefree spirit and innocent smile,
    But through these trials by receiving care, understanding and reassurance,
    True and loyal friends are there by my side giving unconditional assurance,
    My dear friendships for better and worse deserve celebration,
    Because their support is a reliable and strong foundation!
    Life seems to be better when they are near,
    AND talking to them about my troubles allows me to not fear!
    Getting together is like therapy with perks!
    An opportunity for them and I to talk about everything including our irks!
    My soul, thoughts and emotions can run free,
    Without the astronomical therapy fee!
    My dear friends when together allow me to laugh and be silly; allowing me to play!
    They make life seem so much better in a very special and meaningful way!
    Even a cuppa and cake tastes more grand!
    Getting together is so important because they are the only people on earth that seem to truly understand!
    Who I am and what I stand for,
    My dear friends I just adore!
    Now to the specifics I would like to share,
    I can bring my “HUGE” troop and despite the chaos they seem to not be bothered or care,
    My clothes unironed and make-up free,
    My “BIG” heart is all they see!
    When stress overwhelms they help me to keep both feet firm on the ground,
    And my tears of sadness always turn to laugher which does astound!
    They understand that my finances are often tight,
    BUT when together they always seem to make it right,
    One friend loves to bake,
    Which she always gives me a homemade tray of muffins to take!
    The Markets another friend works,
    AND always has boxes of fresh fruit and vegies as a perk!
    One or two boxes are given to me,
    Which dramatically reduces the cost of my grocery fee!
    I am so grateful that we have fortnightly dates!
    These are my childhood mates,
    That hold a dear place in my heart,
    Our NEXT get together is my turn to bake a sumptuous apple and cinnamon tart!

  68. Avid email follower:)

    Our lives are constantly changing and despite all the people who've come in and out of our lives, we have never changed, well mayble a little, but our friendship has been the one constant that keeps us from not losing ourselves in our day to day lives. Catching up with each other is a blessing and boy do we know it!

  69. Whilst we may have the technology to supposedly keep us in touch, nothing can replace face to face contact with our friends. I recently had a wonderful morning tea with 2 friends during which time it was apparent that we were truly 'present' for each other, as we caught up on where we were at. These precious moments are so worth making the time for.

  70. I'm following via GFC as Jasmine1485 :)

    Getting together with my friends is important to me because it's replenishing, it 'fills me back up', so that I have energy, motivation and good humour to carry me through my life.

  71. The venting and ideas,
    They calm any fears!
    Always there to help each other out,
    With a smile and no doubts!

  72. Getting with my friends, a blessing
    a smile a laugh, refreshing.
    When bad news comes along
    They make me feel like nothing is wrong!!!
    They are my rock through life
    helping keep my chin up through strife ♥

  73. Because friends are the family you choose!
    Following you on email

  74. Following Google Friends by Melissa Jones
    Subscribed via email

    Friends are like extra hands, when you are in trouble, they will help you out;friends are like extra ears,they're always listening to you, smile when you're happy and mollify you when you're upset. It's so cozy to get together with my friends with a cup of coffee or tea in sunny day, and I really enjoy that moment.

  75. I will keep this short and sweet!
    It is important for me to catch up with friends and family over a coffee as they are my support, my outlet, my sanity in the hectic life of a house of young vibrant boys. Catching up with friends over coffee is my break!

    I follow via GFC and Email.

  76. Catching up with friends and family over coffee is not just a social activity but boosts my mental health. Its good to share the highs and lows of life together.

  77. Because my friends are what balance me. When I get crazy ideas, they set me on the right track again.
    When I get down, their chatter and laughter lifts me back up again.
    When I feel I haven't done much, or haven't much to add, they make me see that my contribution is important.
    It's friends that help us walk the tightrope of life.

  78. Time spent with friends warms the heart and fills the soul with joy. A state of being we should all be lucky enough to achieve!

  79. Following via email and blog

    Catching up with friends is a must have and need just like coffee hehe really its a "me" time thing for mums too sometimes we need to remind ourselves we are mum and also "inserts your name" its surprising how chirpy and better mood you are after a catch up with friend even if its half a hour

  80. So many reasons - to relax, to chat/gossip, to counce ideas off, to realise what is good in your life and things that still need some work.
    Following on email :)

  81. Follow you by email!!

    Catching up with friends is the way to have me time exchanging points of view and having some laughs, its the way i forget all the problems and we turn all this in smiles

  82. Spending time with friends keeps your brain active and keeps you sane. It makes me happy every time after that great catch up!

  83. Getting together with my friends is important because they always make me happy and keep me sane. Without them, I'd be insane

  84. To provide some sanity in my days and have adult conversations after being a domestic goddess to my little followers every day :)

  85. Been meeting up for coffee with friends every fournight for 20yrs! We laugh, we cry, we listen, we give advice...its good to share to lighten our load!!

  86. After recently being diagnosed with brain cancer 2 weeks after getting engaged and my fiancee going back to england totie things up, i have realised i would never have gotten by without my friends - from little catchups for coffee to dinners out or even being taken out shopping - it is when you really need your friends that the true ones shine and mine have shone the brightest and are truly helping me fight this with all my heart

  87. Following blog via email - ''
    Life as a mum can get very overwhelming that sometimes we just need to take that break and just relax, and who better to do that with, than your best friends over a chat and coffee ♥

  88. Following blog via email - ''
    Life as a mum can get very overwhelming that sometimes we just need to take that break and just relax, and who better to do that with, than your best friends over a chat and coffee ♥

  89. Friends are the yeast in my pizza dough. They "lift" my life and, without them, it would be like eating stale pita bread - flat and uninteresting. They add welcome spiciness, a little sauciness and a whole lotta meaty goodness.

    My best pal sees me as I am - and still wants to know me! She is a good friend because she knows when to call me on it and possesses the wisdom to know when to keep her own counsel.

    She teaches me tolerance and acceptance through her example of granting me these gifts. I can reveal my vulnerabilities because I know they will not be used against me. We are the repository of each other's secrets; those private thoughts which sometimes need to be shared, then locked up and the key thrown away.

    Part surrogate sister with her attentive listening, but mainly Partner-In-Crime, she brings fun and adventure, and without those in life, what's the point? I have gained so much from getting swept up in her lust for life, her desire to suck the marrow from every experience.

    We do not always see eye to eye but hopefully the good bits of each rub off on the other to enrich us both. I am a diamond in the rough, but she is an absolute "gem".


    Being a defence partner, I'd go insane without my friends! It's frustrating that we all move around so much, but that just means I have a friend to catch up with no matter where I am, which is lovely.

  91. Sometimes you just need to vent. Good friends will listen to you when you really need it, then give you a big hug. They have a way of putting everything into perspective, which makes the world alright again.


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