Saturday, 14 July 2012

Things I Know and Some I Wish I Didn't!

I know that this post is going to be an intense one and I apologise.

I know that I am made of incredibly strong stuff. A lot of people don't realise because I am so quiet but I have a very strong mind and I am quite stubborn, which I must admit I quite like about myself. This doesn't mean that I find life easy at all. I struggle on a daily basis. 

But I know that I will never completely lose it. There are times when I sit in a corner and cry but I will always stop, regroup, refocus. I know that I have let go of a bit of tension and I will get up again and carry on again.

I know that sometimes I have to take it an hour at a time. Just to get through the day.

I know that still waters run very, very deep. But with my deep thoughts, comes a knowledge of myself.

I know that my children are wonderful human beings. 

I know that I am a winter person entirely. I love the colder weather. I like rain. I like the thought of cuddling up with a hot drink and a good book and listening to the rain on the tin roof. Maybe one day my kids will actually let me do that!

What things do you know this week?



  1. I too love the rain - until this week! We have had too much and now we have mud.
    Great sharing what you know - amazing how strong us women have to be!

  2. Whenever I meet a new counsellor, GP, or psychologist and tell them my story, they are amazed by how much I've gone through and how "together" I seem.

    Sometimes this is only a facade, but the true testament to my strength is that I'm still here, still breathing and still functioning and making major decisions.

    Still waters do run deep, indeed. And I kind of like winter, too.

    Thanks for linking up for Things I Know :-[)


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