Friday, 24 August 2012

30 Positive Things

Since this post from Singular Insanity popped up last Sunday, I have been eyeing it rather surreptitiously. 

It is a challenge to list Thirty Positive Things that you like about yourself. Thirty Things! Yeah, like I can do that. I would be hard put to find three things that I like about myself.

But then I thought, maybe I could at least try. I am never one to back out of a challenge, and this was a big one for me.

In no particular order, let's do this.

1. I am reliable.
2. I am conscientious.

Writing this I have a flashback to Grade 3. I received a Merit Certificate and on it was written Melanie is a reliable and conscientious student. I still have it somewhere.

3. I am very intuitive.
4.  I love to read.
5. I love animals.
6. Animals love me.
7. I don't have any enemies. People seem to like me.
8. I have a nice smile.
9. I care about other people.
10. I have nourished and looked after four incredible little humans.
11. My body has given birth to four incredible little humans, all naturally.
12, I am strong, both physically and mentally.
13. I am able to work things out.
14. I pick up new things quickly.
15. I am a good listener.
16. I am a good mother.
17. I am willing to help others in need.
18. I am always ready to see the best in people.
19. I am caring.
20. I write poetry.
21. I quite like my singing voice.

Ok struggling a bit here...

22. I am a good driver.
23. When I do a job, I do it well.
24. Honest.
25. I am patient.
26. I look good for my age.
27. I am articulate.
28. I am a good teacher.
29.  I am trustworthy and lucky last...
30. I love a good challenge.

Yay! I managed to get to Thirty. I found that very difficult. 

Would you find it easy or hard to list 30 positive things about yourself? 


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  1. I found it really hard too! And it took me days to get the whole thirty! But I'm glad I persisted with it!

    You have a great list! :)

  2. Well done! So happy that you joined in and made it to thirty :-)

  3. Hi Melanie, this is timely for me! Am 6 months pregnant and discovered this morning that during the pregnancy to date I have become a little anemic. Came as a bit of a shock as I have a very healthy diet, take my pregnancy multivits and am not feeling overly tired. The midwife told me that I should be getting 100mg of iron per day via my supplement though, which is way different to that which is advised above. Just checked and mine has only 5mg so as advised I'm going to start taking a supplement called Ferrograd C as well, plus drinking a small glass of orange juice with breakfast and dinner.
    Thanks for the informative post :)


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