Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Dining - Large Family Style or Getting So Stuffed That You Can Hardly Move!

We braved the big, wide world tonight and took the kids to Sizzlers. It was the first time we had gone out to dinner as a family in a very, very long time, well actually, ever. This was all thanks to Mr Taxman. So thanks for that.

They all get a bit nervous and socially awkward when they go out. They get that from me, I'm afraid. I am very sorry kids.  

They all were so hyper excited. Noise levels were off the scale. So I thought that an early dinner was in order. 

I got the two boys their dinner and managed to convince Angus not to have a big plate of broccoli. Strange child. 

The three youngest, thought it would be a good idea to lick out their little butter containers. So then everything they touched, slowly got covered in a slick of grease - knives and forks, table, chairs, each other, mummy. 

Miss Nine went back for seconds, or was it thirds. She was so uncomfortably stuffed that I was seriously worried that she was going to bring it all up again. Then when it was time for dessert she couldn't fit it in, She got a bit upset about that. She was holding her tummy, groaning and rocking back and forth. Oh dear, I don't think she will do that again.

Miss Seven is a determined little soul. Her dessert bowl was heaped full and overflowing and she sat there and ate it with such determination. Her eyes slowly glazed over, but still she plowed on. It beat her in the end, I am sorry to say.

I spent a lot of the early part of the evening telling Master Four to move his drink, because he was in danger or knocking it over, and sure enough it happened. Thankfully it wasn't too full. Unlike the bellies of my four children. Like all children, I guess, their eyes are definitely bigger than their stomachs.

I pity the person who had to clean up after us. I should have left them a tip.

We are home now, all children asleep, we are recovering with a bottle of Stout. It was great fun! We will have to do it again soon.


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