Sunday, 30 September 2012

Nerf Blaster N-Strike Raider from Big W - Nerf Attack!

Around this time of year many families are thinking about toys. What is good value? What will last? What will the kids like and not lose interest in too quickly?

It is a hard job. It gets harder the more kids you have too!

Lego is always good. You can start off when they are littlies at 18 months with Duplo and it can grow with them for a large part of their childhood. Great for their growing imaginations.

For older kids they love gaming consoles. The XBox 360, the new PS3 or a maybe a new game to play on one that you have already.
For the reader in the family, a kindle or another eBook reader will be very gratefully received and appreciated.

Just recently we bought a Nerf N-Strike Raider Rapid Fire CS-35 from Big W.

As it says on the box it is an intense, air-powered blaster, with two blasting modes, it features a special magazine drum to hold up to 35 darts, an adjustable stock and a tactical rail! Slide the slam fire handle repeatedly while holding down the trigger to release a stream of darts! Ur, ur, ur, ur, ur (aka Tim Allen style).

It is a beautiful thing. This is how my husband spent some time after I brought it home from the shop.

As its name suggests it fires pretty quickly. It shoots about 1-3 darts a second when it is on rapid fire. It has about a 5-25 foot range on single shot and 10-30 foot when it is on rapid fire.

Judging by the shrieks of delight from my kids, it is a lot of fun. It is for age 6+ but my two youngest loved running around getting the darts and getting an occasional shot on the nappy or the bottom from Daddy or their sisters. It gets everyone involved. 

Now there is some talk of buying more Nerf Guns so that we can have an all out Nerf blaster attack. Ok I am in!

There are plenty of Nerfs available at Big W. Ranging from the big daddy of them all the Nerf N-Strike Vulcan, a fully automatic blaster with a 25 dart belt feed; the Nerf Vortex, Praxis with pump action and a removable 10 disc clip, this hurls discs an incredible distance; the Nerf Dart-Tag Swarmfire, with darts that stick to most clothes to make a fun game; Nerfs with lights and also the fun water blaster Nerfs.

I love the toys at Big W. They are close to me, they have very good prices and they have a big range of toys available.


Disclaimer: As always the views and opinions expressed are 100% my own. No payment was accepted for a Nerf product.

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