Saturday, 22 September 2012

Talking Mums, Business and Lifestyle Magazine

If you are an Australian woman, a mum and a small business owner I have found a wonderful magazine that I didn't know existed. It is a wonderful read and is absolutely full of inspiring stories and interesting things about women and mums in Australia. 

It is called Talking Mums, Business and Lifestyle magazine. It celebrates mums in business in Australia.

It has been an online magazine for the past few months or so, but they are branching out and publishing their very first A4, full colour, glossy paper copy starting in October. It looks gorgeous!

They believe (and rightly so), that if women, and particularly mums, who are naturally great communicators, have a support network and good guidance, then they can gain success in their lives and in their own business.

Talking Mums magazine, with their lovely contributors, is a great resource that all mums and women can turn to, when they want some extra help, advice, inspiration and support so that they can feel proud of their achievements and keep their lives and their business lives in balance and working together.

At the moment they are taking orders for their first printed magazine, which will be in October.

If you invest in a print copy before Sunday the 30th September, then you can get a free goodie bag as a lovely gift. This is valued at over $200.00! Please click on the following link to order your own copy.

I immediately had to go and buy one myself and I was very pleasantly surprised at the cost. I expected it to be a lot more. For the magazine it is $4.50 and you can pick it up yourself at a few places in the northern suburbs of Brisbane or you can add delivery for $3.00.

I think that this is going to be very popular. There are so many mums that are starting up their own small businesses. This magazine can give them a helping hand and the needed confidence and knowledge that can make their business thrive and reach its full potential.

Some of the subjects that have been discussed in the last few issues.
  • Busy mums can be fit too
  • Inspiration in the kitchen
  • 10 top tips to know before you start a facebook page
  • Working with rugrats under your feet
  • Spring style.

There is something for everyone.

The October issue is being printed on the 7th October 2012. I am looking forward to receiving my copy in the mail and my goodie bag!


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