Friday, 7 September 2012

Things I Know or My Life As a Zombie

I know that saying, "It is just some extra winter padding, I will lose it when spring comes", isn't a very good excuse.

I know that I worry too much about things that are insignificant when you look at the whole picture. There are people in this world who are going through terrible things, suffering, sickness, pain, death. Worrying about the dishes not being washed up or the lounge room being a little untidy just isn't worth it. So from now on I will try to worry about things that really do matter.

I know that this year is absolutely flying by. I cannot believe it is September already.

I know that I feel a bit blergh lately. Really tired. I know that if I go to the doctor he will send me for a blood test which will tell me I am anaemic, like every blood test I have had taken since I was pregnant with Bethany over 9 years ago. So I don't think I will go to the doctor.

I know that I have been feeling a bit numb lately. Maybe it's my medication, maybe it's being so tired all the time. But I feel a bit like a worn out shell.

I know that I should feel better about myself and like myself a bit more than I do. I look at others and they have just been to the hairdresser or the nail place. They are well turned out and look great and I look at myself and see a daggy, dishevelled, unkempt mess and I want to hide under a rock. But I just can't seem to get the motivation together to make it any better for myself. I need a lot more self esteem and a lot more self worth. Does anyone know where I can buy some please?

I know that the other day I worked out that I have been changing the home readers at school for 5 years know and I have another 7 years to look forward to!

I know that now more than ever my children are teaching me valuable lessons.

What do you know this week?

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  1. I know that a visit to the hairdresser always makes me feel better. Even making the appointment does, so it's worth breaking through the lack of motivation to do just one thing perhaps?

    Thanks for linking up with Things I Know :-)


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