Saturday, 13 October 2012

Steve Irwin's Wildlife Warriors

Did you get the chance to see Steve Irwin's Wildlife Warriors last Saturday night on Channel 10?

If you missed it, the series centres on the Wildlife Hospital and the Rescue Unit of Australia Zoo and how the Irwin family and all members of this amazing place, help save and care for the animals in the zoo and also all precious native animals that are in trouble and need some help.

The first episode showed a team of 25 people catching the 80 year old, 350 kg crocodile called 'Grandpa' to check an injured foot; relocating a Cassowary to Taronga Zoo; and rescuing a Koala and her joey who had been hit by a car.

The next episode which goes to air at 7.30pm Saturday on Channel 10 checks if the grumpiest tiger in the zoo, 17 year old Ramalon can be a father again; checks out the kids petting zoo and some very loud piglets; and xrays a Crested Tern who has swallowed a large hook.

It is very watchable and I loved seeing all the animals. It shows the Irwin family and the Wildlife Warriors, continuing the work of the Crocodile Hunter in saving Australia's unique wildlife.


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