Sunday, 25 November 2012

My Week According to Instagram

I am finally linking up to 'My Week According to Instagram' at

It only took me half the day to display my photos into these cute little collages. I'm quick like that! Hehe! I seem to have doubled up on two of them. Sorry about that.

Monorail cat (otherwise known as Snuggles)  |  Queen Snuggles  |  Extreme closeup by Angus  |  COFFEE!!! nuff said  |  Talking Mums magazine and some gorgeous pinboards  |  One extremely handsome little dude  |  Stars and Rainbows  |  Surprised pussy cat  |  Star boy

Magic Mike magic show  |  Turning a poor unsuspecting victim into a rabbit  |  Angus Hippy (Home Interaction Program for Parents and Youngsters) Graduation  |  Magic Mike's rabbit  |  Coffee again...  |  Talking Mums magazine

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  1. Monorail cat! Made me giggle :)
    Love the face painting. My kids are never keen to have a stranger come at their face with a paintbrush unfortunately.
    Thanks for sharing x

  2. love the face paints on the kiddlets cute as.

  3. Passando para visitar seu blog mais uma vez.

    O blog esta cada dia melhor.

    Apare├ža para me visitar


  4. Looks like a great week. What a regal looking cat

  5. Love the face painting. My boys had it done for the first time a couple of months ago and they surprisingly sat still!
    Your cat is all sorts of cool! :)


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