Thursday, 30 August 2012

Chia and Fruit Bread from Bakers Delight- Giveaway!

It's a cold, wintery day. The rain is coming down outside. You are snug and warm indoors still in your pyjamas. A hot chocolate in hand and the smell of fruit toast slowly wafting out as it cooks in the toaster. 

It is one of the pleasures in life. Warm fruit toast with lashings of butter melting into it. Yummy!

The delicious people at Baker's Delight have come up with a new Chia and Fruit Loaf and Chia and Fruit buns. Chia has one of nature's highest sources of Omega-3 ALA. This bread is also packed full of dates and sultanas, as well as 100% wholemeal flour, lots of grains and no added sugar.

The buns are great as a snack. They are only small, but because of all the extras, they are also filling. Great as an after school snack for the kids. Drizzled with a bit of honey, they are just gorgeous. It is good to know that they are eating something that is healthy for them too.

What sort of snacks do you give your kiddies when they come home from school ravenously hungry on a cold day?

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I have three $10 Bakers Delight vouchers to give away, so you can try some Chia and Fruit Loaves or buns yourself and have a yummy taste test.

  • Just leave a comment on this post and let me know what healthy and yummy snacks you make for your kids.
  • Then follow A Welcoming Hearth with Google Friend Connect or Email. 

Please make sure you leave an email so that I can contact you if you one of the lucky winners!

This giveaway will run until Thursday the 6th September at 10pm. 

Open to Australian residents only.

Best of luck!

Be sure to let me know what you think? What was your favourite way to enjoy it? Did you prefer it toasted or fresh? Did you like it with honey, maybe some cream cheese or just with some butter?


Sunday, 26 August 2012

Mums-To-Be, Are You Getting the Nutrients You Need?

This wonderful information about nutrition during pregnancy is from Karimums. A site where you can share the joys of parenthood with other mums and dads.

Mums-to-be, are you getting the nutrients you need? Statistics by Karimums

[Source: Karimums. Real mums. Real expertise. Real support.]

Even though my youngest is now a big boy of two, I thought this info was really interesting. Having it all there at your fingertips is invaluable.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone! 


Friday, 24 August 2012

30 Positive Things

Since this post from Singular Insanity popped up last Sunday, I have been eyeing it rather surreptitiously. 

It is a challenge to list Thirty Positive Things that you like about yourself. Thirty Things! Yeah, like I can do that. I would be hard put to find three things that I like about myself.

But then I thought, maybe I could at least try. I am never one to back out of a challenge, and this was a big one for me.

In no particular order, let's do this.

1. I am reliable.
2. I am conscientious.

Writing this I have a flashback to Grade 3. I received a Merit Certificate and on it was written Melanie is a reliable and conscientious student. I still have it somewhere.

3. I am very intuitive.
4.  I love to read.
5. I love animals.
6. Animals love me.
7. I don't have any enemies. People seem to like me.
8. I have a nice smile.
9. I care about other people.
10. I have nourished and looked after four incredible little humans.
11. My body has given birth to four incredible little humans, all naturally.
12, I am strong, both physically and mentally.
13. I am able to work things out.
14. I pick up new things quickly.
15. I am a good listener.
16. I am a good mother.
17. I am willing to help others in need.
18. I am always ready to see the best in people.
19. I am caring.
20. I write poetry.
21. I quite like my singing voice.

Ok struggling a bit here...

22. I am a good driver.
23. When I do a job, I do it well.
24. Honest.
25. I am patient.
26. I look good for my age.
27. I am articulate.
28. I am a good teacher.
29.  I am trustworthy and lucky last...
30. I love a good challenge.

Yay! I managed to get to Thirty. I found that very difficult. 

Would you find it easy or hard to list 30 positive things about yourself? 


Inspirational Quote, Beauty, Life

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Dining - Large Family Style or Getting So Stuffed That You Can Hardly Move!

We braved the big, wide world tonight and took the kids to Sizzlers. It was the first time we had gone out to dinner as a family in a very, very long time, well actually, ever. This was all thanks to Mr Taxman. So thanks for that.

They all get a bit nervous and socially awkward when they go out. They get that from me, I'm afraid. I am very sorry kids.  

They all were so hyper excited. Noise levels were off the scale. So I thought that an early dinner was in order. 

I got the two boys their dinner and managed to convince Angus not to have a big plate of broccoli. Strange child. 

The three youngest, thought it would be a good idea to lick out their little butter containers. So then everything they touched, slowly got covered in a slick of grease - knives and forks, table, chairs, each other, mummy. 

Miss Nine went back for seconds, or was it thirds. She was so uncomfortably stuffed that I was seriously worried that she was going to bring it all up again. Then when it was time for dessert she couldn't fit it in, She got a bit upset about that. She was holding her tummy, groaning and rocking back and forth. Oh dear, I don't think she will do that again.

Miss Seven is a determined little soul. Her dessert bowl was heaped full and overflowing and she sat there and ate it with such determination. Her eyes slowly glazed over, but still she plowed on. It beat her in the end, I am sorry to say.

I spent a lot of the early part of the evening telling Master Four to move his drink, because he was in danger or knocking it over, and sure enough it happened. Thankfully it wasn't too full. Unlike the bellies of my four children. Like all children, I guess, their eyes are definitely bigger than their stomachs.

I pity the person who had to clean up after us. I should have left them a tip.

We are home now, all children asleep, we are recovering with a bottle of Stout. It was great fun! We will have to do it again soon.


Sunday, 19 August 2012

Black Cats Are Totally Pinworthy Too!

Friday, August 17th was Black Cat Appreciation Day. Because of silly superstitions and myths, black cats get the rough end of the deal. They are the most likely colour to be euthanased and the least likely to be adopted.

So this week I am pinning some of my gorgeous black cat pictures from my Cats, Big and Small board.

Black Cat

Black Cat
Source: via Melanie on Pinterest

Black Cat
Source: via Melanie on Pinterest

Black Persian Kitten

Black Cat

Black Cat Appreciation Day

Linking up with MahliMoo, Me and Three.

I hope you are having a great weekend and please have a wonderful week!


Friday, 17 August 2012

Things I Know This Week

I know that there is a point where a normal, healthy, lived-in family home crosses the line and becomes a pigsty. I just may be at that point...

I know that there is a limit to being kind to yourself because you aren't well and sometimes you just have to give yourself a kick in the pants.

I know that there is a feeling of spring in the air already ... and I don't like it.

I know that the devil you know is better than the devil you don't.

I know that those times when I am nervous about my boys acting up are the times they are wonderfully behaved.

I know that the longer you leave something 'undone' the worse it gets.

I know that my children never cease to amaze me.

I know that the people who are constantly worried about their health and what they eat and don't eat are the sickest and the people who are constantly worried about getting older, look the oldest. Moral of the story, worry makes you sick and old. So try not to and just relax.

Don't Worry, Be Happy

What things do you know this week?

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Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Fun with an iPad - Wordless Wednesday

Recently we had the chance to have a play with a brand new iPad. My kids had a lot of fun as you can see. These are some of the pictures that they took!

Quite weird hey! You can see that Snuggles our cat was very popular. Her stripes and spots were very effective in these shots.

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Saturday, 11 August 2012

Life Lessons - Totally Pinworthy

I wanted to share some upbuilding and inspiring pins from my Life board on Pinterest with you this week. They resonate with me and I hope that you find them as delightful and thought provoking as I do.

Love, Parent, Child, I Love You
Source: via Melanie on Pinterest

Sunrise, Joy, Chocolate

Life, Gift, Responsible

Silence, Beauty, Mouth

Family House Rules

How to Succeed in Life

I hope you are having a lovely weekend. Take care!


Tuesday, 7 August 2012

NoNo's Better Bars for Kids

Do you sometimes find it hard to find healthy things to put in school lunch boxes?

Schools these days are trying to offer healthy food in their tuck-shops. They are encouraging students to bring wholesome snacks and lunches from home. So when I am browsing the aisles at the supermarket, it can get a bit tricky to find yummy things that my kids will eat, are fairly healthy and that my kids are allowed to take to school.

Table of Plenty, NoNo's

Table of Plenty have come up with NoNo's Better Bars for Kids. They are all natural, with no preservatives. These delicious little bars are under 100 calories. They avoid problematic ingredients like dairy, wheat, nuts, soy and sulphites. They contain wholegrain oats and rice. This family company is Aussie owned and made.

Their aim is that your children won't say no and you won't have to say no, hence the name NoNo's.

Table of Plenty, NoNo's, Cocoa Crush

They come in two flavours Cocoa Crush and Berry Blast. Available exclusively in Woolworths for $4.25 a box.

Because they use rice bran syrup to bind them together they definitely aren't as sweet as other 'muesli bars' on the market. They taste good and healthy. 

My older two school girls thought they were a bit chewy and weren't very sweet to taste, but did enjoy trying them and want to eat them again. My two young boys liked them straight away. 

It is great to have this safe option, that I know are nutritious and my kids will eat and enjoy them and I don't have to worry about popping them in their lunch boxes.


Sunday, 5 August 2012

Useful and Useless Gadgets - Totally Pinworthy!

I love gadgets! You can never have enough useful gadgets. Well some are useful!

Hot and Cold Tap and colour

Red hot and cold blue running water
Source: via Julio on Pinterest

USB Vacuum

USB Vacuum
Source: via Julio on Pinterest

Cute Piggies USBs

Desk Organiser

Tardis, Doctor Who, Police, Phone

Telephone - "Doctor Who?"

Mustard and Sauce Dispenser

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