Wednesday, 27 February 2013

I Must Confess... My Musical Tastes

Time to share my musical tastes with the world.

The lovely Kirsty of My Home Truths mentioned the word eclectic, and yes that is definitely my taste in music too.

I love music. It is something so powerful. It stirs emotions and feelings deep down in your soul. It has the ability to make your cry, make you laugh, lift you up and make you soar. It inspires you to do your best, to pick yourself up and carry on.

My favourite music is probably Rock. I love the old style rockers like Deep Purple and Led Zeppelin.

Led Zeppelin - image

Deep Purple - image

I love music from the 70s and 80s.

Roxy Music - image

Adam and the Ants - image

But there are times when I am in the mood for pop music.

Bruno Mars - image

Opera and Classical have their place too.

Bizet's Carmen - image

I love folk music. Especially Irish Folk music.

Clannad - image

I love Jazz and Blues and Soul.

Louis Armstrong - image

B.B. King - image

Aretha Franklin - image

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Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Five Blogs That I Love

Seven Cherubs

The beautiful Naomi is gentle, kind and keeps it real. I am always amazed how calm she appears, when she has seven children. I have four and I barely cope.

She is a self confessed 'seeker of happiness' and her focus is on inspiring...creating...believing in motherhood and in ourselves as women.

TinaGray {dot} me

I am a big fan of Tina. She is very down to earth, with a big dose of humour. She is very generous and giving with her posts. I have learnt a lot about blogging thanks to Tina. She is an avid and very good photographer and instagrammer. I just can't keep up.

As her 'about me' says -

“Sometimes serious, most times not, Tina Gray {dot} Me offers an honest and down to earth insight into what goes on in one woman’s head while raising five children and one husband, trying to find her skinny self and sharing her opinion about….stuff.”

I have a love affair with books. The lovely Susan from The Book Chook is a writer, editor, teacher and reviewer. She is a wonderful writer with lots of published work under her belt. She is passionate about helping kids read, write and create and believes, as do I, that children function best when they enjoy learning.

Susan says the main focus on this blog is the three Ls: children's literature, literacy and learning.

Awesome blog for all things involving animals and children. I can't put it better than Penny.

  • To help parents who have little-rangers-to-be find activities to foster their love of wildlife and animals.
  • To convince you that saving wildlife can start by helping children to engage in meaningful activities with and about wildlife.
  • To remind you that wildlife is everywhere and not just a visit to your local zoo!
The awesome Penny is a wildlife education officer. In her wonderful blog she combines her love of wildlife with her love of teaching. 

As an animal lover and a mum to four little animal lovers, Penny's blog has always been one of my favourites.

This incredible lady and her amazing blog is what I aspire to. I have dreams of being organised one day and the gorgeous Kat, is one organised lady. I read her weekly challenges and tasks and think what wonderful ideas, but unfortunately that is as far as I get at the moment.

Kat provides her readers with tips and ideas to keep them and their families organised. Ideas to create new habits and her aim is to motivate and inspire readers to enjoy the journey they are living with their family while easily keeping a tidy home.

I am just in awe.

Five blogs that I have recently come across that also look great are:

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Sunday, 24 February 2013

Sunday Session - The Seekers

These are two of my favourites. Please enjoy! 

Written by Bruce Woodley of The Seekers and Dobe Newton of the Buckwackers

I hope you are enjoying your weekend!


Friday, 22 February 2013

Barnardos Australia's Mother of the Year Awards

Do you know a great mum? 

Barnardos Australia's Mother of the Year award celebrates that mums everywhere play such an important part in providing children with a safe and loving home.  We know that all children deserve that.

The Mums who are providing this to their children need support and encouragement and indeed they need to be celebrated.

Barnardos have teamed up with four lovely ladies on three wonderful blogs to spread the message.

Tash and Elle from They All Hate Us

Andrea from Fox In Flats

Rachel Yabsley from Alice Liddell Blog

Nominate a great mum at Barnardos Australia Mother of the or visit their facebook page at Australian Mother of the Year.

Nominations close on Friday 1st March, 2013, so be quick!


Monday, 18 February 2013

I Must Confess... My Fears and Phobias

Really, do I have to....?    Well if I must.

I have many fears, but two, I could class as phobias. Both are very irrational and will probably make you giggle to yourself.

Fear of Moths (Mottephobia) – I can’t stand the way they flutter about. If one is in the room I cannot relax. I am worried that they are going to get into my mouth, nose or eyes. They seem to come straight at me and it makes me scream.

Fear of Clowns (Coulrophobia) – Just the thought of them makes me shiver. The fact that they are hiding behind this garish, grotesque makeup, usually with a false, exaggerated smile. Ergh! I can hardly bear to write about them. Hate them.

Couldn't bear to put a clown, so here is a Clown Fish!

Fears, I have a few of those. Let’s just face it, I am like an exposed nerve ending.

Fear of man – I have this inferiority complex when it comes to people. I am socially awkward and far too self conscious for my own good.

Fear of crowds – I get breathless, upset and feel like curling up in a ball on the ground, when I am made to go into a crowded confined area.

Fear of displeasing or disappointing people – I really don’t like this about myself, but I am such a ‘yes’ person. I will try to please everybody all the time. And to tell you the truth it is very tiring.

Fear of failure – I hate to fail. I am a perfectionist. I would rather not do something than do it badly or only half do it.

I could go on, but I think that may be enough. I have put myself a long way out of my comfort zone. I'm not that good at sharing deep things with others, but I am trying to give of myself a little more.

I would love, love, love you to comment. Please let me know that I am not all alone out here.

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Sunday, 17 February 2013

Sunday Session - Tribute to the Bee Gees

Barry Gibb, the last remaining member of the Bee Gees recently unveiled a bronze statue and a special Bee Gees Walkway in the Moreton Bay town of Redcliffe, near Brisbane. This was the first time in 20 years that the oldest Gibb brother had been back to Redcliffe. 

image and story

I feel sadness when I think of the Gibb brothers. The youngest brother Andy died at 30 of a weakened and damaged heart after years of drug and alcohol abuse in 1988; Maurice Gibb died unexpectedly of a cardiac arrest after going into hospital for a twisted bowel in 2003; and Maurice's twin Robin died in 2012 from liver and kidney failure due to colon cancer.

For my Sunday Session this week I thought I would share two of my favourite Bee Gees songs.

Their music will always live on.


Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Listmania - A Life List of Jobs

Week four prompt: A life list of jobs you have had – from a newspaper route to babysitting to marketing manager, tour guide to waitress – what have you been up to all these years?

I left school in year 12 and went to New Zealand for a holiday. I came back all refreshed and ready to job hunt in earnest.

First job – I sat the public service exam and was accepted. I was placed in the education department, working in Brisbane city. I worked for the then ‘Planning and Statistical Services, Education Department’. This was quite a mouthful for those times that I answered the phone. I was an admin assistant and basically just used the computer to type up everyone’s letters and did a whole lot of filing and even more photocopying.

I did spend about 8 weeks working for the Education Minister, on the top floor of Education House. For a very shy and nervous 17 year old, I actually loved it.

My next job was at the Western Australian Cricket Association as a Secretary and Receptionist. The best part of the job was being there when the cricket matches and footy matches were on; being able to use the gym; and climbing to the top of the light tower once.

My next job was for Midland TAFE in Western Australia. I was a support person. This job was made somewhat bearable by a lovely lady called Maureen. I would eat my lunch up in her little area, and she chattered about everything and anything.

Interspersed between these jobs have been literally hundreds of temping jobs. I have been here, there and everywhere doing office work.

For a little while there I did Mystery shops. Sometimes up to three a day. McDonalds, Bottle Shops, Jewellery shops, Coles, Boost Juice, Banks, Furniture shops, and the list goes on. It was lots of fun, but I found that the running around to different places used a whole lot more petrol than it was worth. This was especially true if you were just paid in a meal or a juice.

Now I am a stay at home mum to my four children, and I have to say that this job is the most satisfying and the most enjoyable job for me.


Sunday, 10 February 2013

Sunday Session - Beneath You're Beautiful!

"Thank you for the music, the songs I'm singing. Thanks for all the joy they're bringing." If I may quote an ABBA song at you! Hehe!

I love music. From rock to 80's pop, classical to folk. Music makes life that littler bit easier.

I always seem to have a song going through my head. This week it has been these two.

This song makes you want to bop along. The video is bizarre, very steam punk and I have no idea what it means, or if it means anything at all. It is pure fantasy and maybe should just be enjoyed. So please enjoy Little Talks - Of Monsters and Men.

Aww! Doesn't it do your heart good? Beneath Your Beautiful - Labrinth featuring Emeli Sandé

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Friday, 8 February 2013

School Is Off To a Flying Start

Well that is a wrap on the second week (first full week) at school for Master 5.

I am almost overflowing with pride for my little man. He is doing incredibly well and is enjoying it a lot.

We had tears the first two days, from both of us....

But now he goes and sits on the mat in the classroom and eagerly awaits the day. As I leave him I feel a tug on my heart strings, every morning. He is my little guy and it seems like only yesterday, he was learning to crawl and walk.

What a huge step it is. The longest time he has ever spent away from me is about 3 hours! He is definitely growing up. He is managing lunch and the toilet all by himself. Even though he usually comes home from school with his shorts on backwards! Hehe!

He did his first show and tell this week and the teacher said he did really well. She told me that he is an absolute pleasure to have in the classroom and he can come back any time.

This morning he woke up and was coughing. But he wanted to go even though he didn't feel the best. He still had a good day, but the first thing he told me when I picked him up this afternoon was that his throat was really sore. When we got home we went inside and he immediately threw up all over a chair.  It was all a bit much I think. A bit of Ibuprofen and he was his usual self again. Asking for food and doing funny, happy dances around the lounge room.

Master 3 is adapting very well to being an only child during the day. He currently has two paces. He is running everywhere and pulling me along, or he has stopped and looking for lizards or bugs in the grass. He tells me that he is ‘superfast’. He is packed full of personality and makes me laugh all the time.

My two youngest are travelling very well at the moment. They are both managing a huge change in their circumstances and are taking it all in their stride.

All the kids’ teachers are wonderful and I couldn't ask for a better start to their school year.

If you have a little one starting school for the first time, I hope that they are settling in well.

How are your children coping with school this year? Are they happy? Do they have good teachers?


Monday, 4 February 2013

Back to School With Sunraysia Organic - Giveaway Now Closed

Disclaimer: I was not paid for this post. I received some complimentary product for the Giveaway. All opinions are 100% my own.

The kids have now gone back to school. I am slowly getting get back into that familiar routine again. Early mornings, making lunches, nagging asking them about five times to find socks, brush hair, have they got their homework, library book etc., etc.

I like to make their lunches fresh for them in the morning. I make their sandwiches while they are eating breakfast. I get to chat with them about what they have on during the day, in between sips of my coffee to wake myself up a bit.

I am always on the lookout for healthy options for their lunchboxes. I try not to pack them too many processed snacks or sweet stuff. I like the idea of organic fruits and vegetables. Things that are grown without all the poisonous chemicals and sprays must be better for us and our children as well as better for the environment. 

Sunraysia Organic is 100% organic fruit juice with Nothing Added, Nothing Taken Away. It is all natural with no artificial colours and flavours, no chemical pesticides, no genetic modification, no added sugar or preservatives. There are four flavours to choose from – Apple, Apple and Blackcurrant, Orange and Tropical. Sunraysia want everyone to be able to enjoy organic products, not just a special few.

My favourite was the Apple. It tastes sweet and like it has just been juiced. They all taste fresh and just delicious. My kids loved all of them very much.

It comes in a handy and super tough, 200ml pouch with a straw attached. It is very easy to put it into a lunchbox or a picnic bag. It is great to enjoy frozen and very yummy as a slushy. The pouch is 100% recyclable.

~~~ G i v e a w a y ~~~
Now Closed

The very lovely and healthy people at Sunraysia are letting me give away some Organic fruit juice to three lucky winners.

Each winner will get 2 x Apple, 2 x Tropical, 2 x Apple Blackcurrant, and 2 x Orange Sunraysia Organic Juices

All you have to do is answer:-

What healthy snacks do you put into your child’s lunch box for school?

The competition will run from now until Tuesday 12th February, 2013 at 10pm

I will choose 3 winners based on originality, skill and inventiveness in answering the question.

Open to Australia only.


Sunraysia Organic is available from the big supermarkets. I noticed them in Woolworths this morning and they were 5 for $5.00. It is great for school lunch boxes but it can be enjoyed by everyone in the family.

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