Monday, 18 February 2013

I Must Confess... My Fears and Phobias

Really, do I have to....?    Well if I must.

I have many fears, but two, I could class as phobias. Both are very irrational and will probably make you giggle to yourself.

Fear of Moths (Mottephobia) – I can’t stand the way they flutter about. If one is in the room I cannot relax. I am worried that they are going to get into my mouth, nose or eyes. They seem to come straight at me and it makes me scream.

Fear of Clowns (Coulrophobia) – Just the thought of them makes me shiver. The fact that they are hiding behind this garish, grotesque makeup, usually with a false, exaggerated smile. Ergh! I can hardly bear to write about them. Hate them.

Couldn't bear to put a clown, so here is a Clown Fish!

Fears, I have a few of those. Let’s just face it, I am like an exposed nerve ending.

Fear of man – I have this inferiority complex when it comes to people. I am socially awkward and far too self conscious for my own good.

Fear of crowds – I get breathless, upset and feel like curling up in a ball on the ground, when I am made to go into a crowded confined area.

Fear of displeasing or disappointing people – I really don’t like this about myself, but I am such a ‘yes’ person. I will try to please everybody all the time. And to tell you the truth it is very tiring.

Fear of failure – I hate to fail. I am a perfectionist. I would rather not do something than do it badly or only half do it.

I could go on, but I think that may be enough. I have put myself a long way out of my comfort zone. I'm not that good at sharing deep things with others, but I am trying to give of myself a little more.

I would love, love, love you to comment. Please let me know that I am not all alone out here.

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  1. I know how you feel Melanie, I fear people and crowds too. I've always been socially awkward.

    Lots of people fear moths and clowns. One time my boys went to a children's birthday party where the parents had hired a clown for entertainment. Several children were in tears, begging to go home and a few of the adults were apprehensive as well, so you're definitely not alone.

  2. Melanie, I have heard of both those phobias.(clowns& moths). I am scared of heights, mice and I am a recovering people pleaser. It gets easier to say no as you get older. It's all in the way you say it. Ha ha

  3. Don't feel alone Melanie - I share some of your fears. I hate disappointing people and feel physically ill if I think I have done so and I'm also scared of failure too. I hope you feel a little better for sharing some of your fears! Thanks so much for linking up with I Must Confess this week.


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