Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Listmania - A Life List of Jobs

Week four prompt: A life list of jobs you have had – from a newspaper route to babysitting to marketing manager, tour guide to waitress – what have you been up to all these years?

I left school in year 12 and went to New Zealand for a holiday. I came back all refreshed and ready to job hunt in earnest.

First job – I sat the public service exam and was accepted. I was placed in the education department, working in Brisbane city. I worked for the then ‘Planning and Statistical Services, Education Department’. This was quite a mouthful for those times that I answered the phone. I was an admin assistant and basically just used the computer to type up everyone’s letters and did a whole lot of filing and even more photocopying.

I did spend about 8 weeks working for the Education Minister, on the top floor of Education House. For a very shy and nervous 17 year old, I actually loved it.

My next job was at the Western Australian Cricket Association as a Secretary and Receptionist. The best part of the job was being there when the cricket matches and footy matches were on; being able to use the gym; and climbing to the top of the light tower once.

My next job was for Midland TAFE in Western Australia. I was a support person. This job was made somewhat bearable by a lovely lady called Maureen. I would eat my lunch up in her little area, and she chattered about everything and anything.

Interspersed between these jobs have been literally hundreds of temping jobs. I have been here, there and everywhere doing office work.

For a little while there I did Mystery shops. Sometimes up to three a day. McDonalds, Bottle Shops, Jewellery shops, Coles, Boost Juice, Banks, Furniture shops, and the list goes on. It was lots of fun, but I found that the running around to different places used a whole lot more petrol than it was worth. This was especially true if you were just paid in a meal or a juice.

Now I am a stay at home mum to my four children, and I have to say that this job is the most satisfying and the most enjoyable job for me.



  1. thanks for sharing - i always wondered about those mystery shopper jobs - did not think about all the travel time and costs!

  2. You have had some interesting jobs! I've been involved with Mystery Shopping too, it's lots of fun but you need to get paid actually money to make it worth it.

  3. You've done heaps of stuff!
    I thin it would be fun to work at the WACA. Great perks :)

  4. Thanks for sharing, you have your most important role in front of you, raising your beautiful family. xxx Rae

  5. Sounds like you've worked at some interesting places. My work life is not so exciting, Dominoes Pizza as a teenager (and I never got free pizza once!) and then the same job for the past 15+ years in an legal office. I guess you could say I get comfortable in my position and dont want to leave. I think the people you work with also make up for a lot of the job satisfaction you have at a place.
    Saying hi from Blogs&PR link up :)

  6. I did one mystery shopping session. Luckily it was a to a kids movie my eldest wanted to see and we had to watch count how many people were in the theatre and then got paid $40. For a single Mum it was great. But we moved before I could do more.

    Annaleis - Blogs and PR Team Member

  7. I love reading your working history! I'm glad you love your current job!


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