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SPC Fruit Crush-Ups Giveaway!

This is a blogvertorial for Digital Parents Collective and SPC.

I hope your kids and you have settled back into the school routine smoothly.

Have you had a chance to try the delicious Sunraysia Organic Juices yet? My kids just love them and it is a real treat in their lunch box.

Do your children like their fruit? At times it can be a bit of a battle. You really want to give them all the healthy things that will be good for them, but sometimes they have other ideas.

Another great lunch box idea that also comes in a handy super-tough little pouch is SPC Fruit Crush-ups.

The portion-controlled fun pouches fit easily into lunch boxes, have a resealable cap, so there is no mess, and gives kids over half a serve of fruit each. They are 99% fat free, contain no known allergens, no artificial colours or flavours and no artificial sweeteners or preservatives. They are great for active kids on the go.

All my kids just loved them. They are tasty and delicious. My children, especially Master 3 and Master 5 kept asking for more. It makes getting kids to eat some fruit very easy.

The original SPC Fruit Crush-ups flavours Strawberry and Tropical have been awarded Product of the Year for 2013. The 4 new flavours hadn't been out long enough to be submitted.

Product of the Year is Australia’s largest consumer survey of new products. This year winners were chosen from 34 categories following a survey of 11,667 household shoppers by Nielsen. For more info please visit

They come in six very yummy flavours – Banana, Strawberry, Mixed-Berry, Tropical, Mango and Fruit Salad. The RRP is $1.29.

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SPC is offering my readers the chance to win one whole term’s worth of SPC Fruit Crush-ups. That is 8 packs of each of the 6 flavours! 48 pouches!

Just leave a comment on this post and let me know:

How do you get your kids to eat their recommended serving of fruit each day?

Please leave an email address so that I can get in contact with you if you are the lucky winner.

I will choose a winner based on originality, skill and inventiveness on Sunday the 10th March, 2013 at 10pm. 

Open to Australia only.

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Thanks SPC for a very generous prize! Best of luck everyone!


  1. I have to hide them in healthy muffins

  2. The olny way my two year old will eat it at the moment is if I melt a bit of chocolate that he can dip his fruit in, he loves it this way.
    tranch51 at gmail dot com

  3. These are perfect for school and kinder! My kids love their fresh fruit after a market shop! We love fruit in scones,cakes, pancakes and muffins too!

  4. My oldest (6) creates 'Upsy Down Town' - a magical world she creates on her plate using apple slice trees, grape boulders and a banana slice sun. You won't be seeing her work on Pinterest, but it can get quite creative! The key is letting her feel in control of what she's eating I think - as long as she creates her 'world' she'll eat it. If I offer her a plain old apple - no way! (

  5. I always have fresh fruit cut up in the fridge, so it's always available.
    I offer a variety of fruits too, so they don't get bored.
    I get creative and make fruit kebabs, or use little cookie cutters to cut shapes of fruit.
    They really love it, and I find they are more willing to try new types of fruits that way.
    Some days, I have a theme of all red fruits, or all orange fruits and arrange them on platters into a picture.
    These things can be somewhat time-consuming, but at least I know that my girls are getting their nutrients.

  6. I cube watermelon and rockmelon and halve grapes and leave it in a bowl in the fridge, so the kids help themselves to it during the day.

  7. I offer them fruit I know they will eat...watermelon, rock melon, grapes, bananas etc and I occasionally make cakes/muffins/scones with the appropriate fruit eg sultanas/apples/berries. :)

  8. I send 1 piece of fruit to school for morning tea, and they have the 2nd piece either for afternoon tea or with their dessert. My children all love fruit so it's easy to get enough into them .... but veggies - now that's a whole other story!

  9. My kids are not big on veggies, but they love fruit. So I make up fruit platters and leave on the table. If they want an ice cream or something sweet..I say fruit first.

    These SPC fruit crush-ups are good for convince. I often buy them for the car, after school or gymnastics etc. the kids think they are something sweet and yummy...with some hidden goodness!

  10. My two love grapes in the freezer! They think its a lolly type sweet treat.

    The other thing I do is make a fruit smooth. Watermelon, lemon juice, rock melon and a small amount of fruit juice. Then freeze them into those plastic icy pole sticks, that you can re use.

    In this house we are a huge fan of the SPC Crush-Ups. In the car, at gymnastics and after school. They are so convenient and such a good healthy alternative. I am so happy they have expanded the flavours.

  11. If it's in jelly it gets to the belly! :-) SENDER: Saraskye Brown PHONE: 0411399214

  12. I hide goodies in their food! I sneak a spoonful of vitamin powder into their sandwiches..add veges to everything..put superfoods into muffins and homemade muesli bars. I have to get creative as my kids seems sense healthiness a mile away!

  13. Smoothies and icecreams are a great way to get fruit into them :P You can make a very tasty 'icecream' by pureeing frozen bananas!

  14. I lead by example first and foremost. I love fruit, so this is an easy one for me.

    Fruit smoothies & ice blocks are brilliant for Summer.

    The variety of fruit available in Summer is helpful. Try them all.

    In Winter, warm custard works a treat over apples & pears & bananas.


  15. By getting the kids to pick their own fruit at the supermarket and adding it to jelly as a dessert! I also add it to low fat yogurt as a healthier option.

  16. we always have plenty of fresh fruits and berries and i make a fresh fruit salad every day which some mornings the kids will just have fresh fruit or fruit on there cereal or berries in there oats my daughters always take fresh fruit cut into chunks and put in a container for school they love this a couple of times a week i will make a meal like apricot chicken ham steaks and pineapple with a apple and sultana salad we always have dried fruit for car trips and school or just a smack.we grow rhubabrb and apples and plums so we make pies and jams this the kids love we even make our own lemon cordal from our lemon tree soon our orange tree will be rady to eat from and drink the juice from the oranges we are growing passion fruit and kiwi fruit we love fruit in our home

  17. my email sorry

  18. Thankfully, the girls will eat fruit in it's natural form but I still like to give them a treat not and then and SPC are the one the girls like best. I'm not sure why, they just do. Miss Poss usually only eats half of the other ones. Weird huh?!

  19. I am homeschooling my 6 year daughter and her 3 year old sister at the moment. We have themed lessons for each week so i design fruit into whatever the them will be ie Letter B week i designed it around bees and butterflies so when i served up their fruit i had cut and arranged it to look like a bee or a butterfly. They deavoured it in no time. For dessert i try to incorporate fruit and make a design like stegasaurus stuck in mud pile. kylie -

  20. Michelle Harris4 March 2013 at 10:16

    Offer a whole fruit piece
    is too overwhelming
    They tire of eating
    so spend life avoiding
    Fruit made easy is the go
    Dipped in yoghurt, kebabs or go with the flow
    They will decide which they like best
    Mum can get on with life and not get too stressed

  21. Only eat fruit hidden in smoothies, yoghurt or muffins, my kids are very fussy!

  22. My kids love their fruit so its no hardship but there is almost always some fruit mixed in with breakfast. I make sure there are always diced bananas, strawberries, raspberries, kiwi fruit etc, something always available to toss through the weetbix or porridge which everyone loves. SPC fruit pouches are also awesome squeezed on pancakes, makes them so yummy, my kids love them.

  23. I have to say I do struggle in this area, I think SPC fruit crush ups would help a lot, my kids would love that they are so cool looking, and I think this is a great way to get the fruit into them!!

    Kim m

  24. The absolutely best thing that works for me is to always have fruit in reach. If they can grab it whenever they get hungry they'll eat more! Heck even if they just want to eat for the sake of eating - they'll grab what they can reach! It also helps to change it up a bit so they don't get tired of having the same fruits all the time.

  25. I always use it in baking. They never notice that it is in there.

    Sneaky Mummy!

    kaseyball(at)live (dot) Com (dot) au

  26. I make Fruity Custard, simply make up custard as per packet directions but omit the sugar, and add pureed fruit instead - if it's hidden in the custard, it'll get eaten!

  27. Email is

  28. Lead by example - serve finger-sized portions of fruit for afternoon tea and dinner and sit with your children and eat together.

  29. Hi Melanie!
    My kids love fruit, so I don't have to hide it in anything or persuade them to eat it. They would really love these.

  30. Hi Melanie!
    My kids love fruit so I never have to hide it in anything or persuade them to have it. They would love these.

  31. Easy. I cut up fruit for myself and my kids will always come out and want to 'share' with me. Always better off someone else's plate!


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