Monday, 4 March 2013

Things I Would Love To Learn

Sign Language 

I have always loved watching those talented people talking with their hands and fingers. Because I am totally deaf in my left ear it is something that I have always thought would be something worthwhile for me to learn, just in case something happens to my good ear one day. 


To Be a Qualified Barista 

I love my coffee. To know exactly how to make a Macchiato or an Affogato or even a Caffè Marocchino, would be just awesome.


To Ride A Horse 

I love this in theory but not really in practice. I have an image of myself on a horse, galloping across a meadow, with the wind in my hair. In reality I sit on a horse and I am immediately struck by just how big they are and how high up I am. Then there is the fact that horses don’t like me very much. They need to know that you are the leader and the boss and will take advantage if you aren’t. So yep they take advantage of me, they know I am a bit scared of them, so they take me for a ride... so to speak.


To Sing 

It would be so wonderful to have a great voice. To be able to sing like Whitney or Celine or Mariah would be so special. My singing voice is ok and I am not going to let my lack of talent stop me! I l still love to sing.

To Paint or Draw Well 

I get the urge to draw sometimes, but when I attempt it, I am disappointed in my sad little efforts. I really am not good at it. I come out with something that looks like a five year old did it.

Camille Monet and a Child in the Artist’s Garden in Argenteuil

Is there something that you would love to learn? 

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  1. Sign language would be a good thing to have - as for horse riding it's lots of fun. Although I prefer motorbikes, they can't bite you or throw you off if they get scared! Being able to draw well would be handy

  2. oh i totally forgot about horse riding - have done it a few times and would love to do it again.

    i bet you could find a non professional barista quick course! you would have lots of people to make them for i bet!!

  3. I used to know how to ride horses when I was young but not anymore. I wish I was artistic but I have no artistic ability at all.

  4. Well, your list could be my list! I am deaf, only know the alphabet in sign, I did work as a professional barista, if only for three months, and I would LOVE to be able to sing too! Hope you get to work through your list. Perhaps with drawing and painting you could opt for a child like style, intentionally? Look at some of the famous paintings… Blue Poles by Jackson Pollock for example. Need I say more!

  5. Oh yes, coffee making would be awesome. I am in charge of the espresso making at our house but I would love to be able to make more adventurous beverages. I am with you on the horse riding. In theory a wonderful activity but horses don't like me either! What a great list!

  6. Sign language, I don't think we value that skill enough or have the opportunity to learn. Watching the news, I focus on the woman who does the sign language. I always dream I can sing, but alas I am truly dreadful xx

  7. I would love to learn sign language too! So very important!


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