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Dilmah Real High Tea Challenge 2013

I am rather partial to a proper cup of tea, made in a beautiful china teapot, poured into a beautiful fine bone china cup. My mum always used to say it is the cup that cheers. Sometimes when I am feeling emotional or a bit down there is nothing that hits the spot better.

Have you ever had the opportunity to go to a proper high tea with all the trimmings? I was lucky enough to go to one a little while ago. It makes you feel so special, like you have been transferred back in time to a gentle, bygone era. I loved it!

Of course to have a special high tea experience you need a good quality tea and Dilmah is one of the best.

The family owned and traditional tea company Dilmah, is hosting the ‘Real High Tea Challenge’ 2013.

The search is on for chefs and tea enthusiasts Australia wide to create a culinary masterpiece using the very best Dilmah products.

The winner will receive a once in a lifetime all expenses paid VIP trip to the home of Dilmah tea, Sri Lanka.

The competition inspires passionate foodies to create an awesome high tea experience that emphasises the importance of a good tea in the high tea tradition.

Last year’s competition saw foodies create exquisite delicacies such as tea candied macadamias, tea infused chia macarons and lychee and strawberry tea sangria.

The judges are renowned bar tender and mixologist Robert Shinkel, with many years of experience and expertise; tea expert Dilhan C. Fernando, son of Dilmah founder Merrill J. Fernando; and Black Hat chef Bernd Uber. They will be accessing contestants on their original tea-based cocktails, mocktails, tea-infused dishes and tea and food pairings.

The contestants will be scored on their ability to use tea as the key ingredient in their creations. Showing the versatility of this humble beverage.

The Challenge was developed in 2007 by the Fernando family in Colombo.

Dilmah founder Merrill J. Fernando is thrilled to be hosting this competition in Australia for the third year in a row. He has said “Dilmah is excited to see what talented Australian cooks will dream up in 2013. We are also very pleased to host the winning contestant in beautiful Sri Lanka, visiting the Dilmah tea gardens and staying at the luxurious Ceylon Tea Trails bungalows.”

Entries are now open and are required to be submitted online by the 20th May, 2013. Entries will be judged and shortlisted. Those shortlisted contestants will then be invited to a regional challenge event in their capital city to present and serve their high tea entry. Entrants will be judged using a points system and then the top contestant nationally will win an all expenses paid trip for two to spectacular Sri Lanka.

To enter and for more details including dates, full criteria and prize package please visit:


Disclaimer:  I wrote this as a tea lover and enthusiast. I didn’t receive any payment or product for writing this post. All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.


  1. oooh a trip to Sri Lanka as the prize... lovely! xx via Blogs & PR #TUST

  2. I'm a bit of a coffee nut but I've been slowly rediscovering my love for tea after reducing my coffee intake drastically (nothing after lunch!) there's something so nice about sitting with my laptop, teapot and pretty cup as I write in the evenings.

  3. great prize!! Pity I am neither a tea nor coffee drinker.. neither is anyone in my family :P

    via Blogs & PR #TUST

  4. I havent been to a proper high tea before but its on my list of things to do. Mainly for the savouries and little sandwiches, not so much the tea. Im more of a coffee drinker myself :) Saying hi from Blogs&PR link up

  5. Well I think everyone knows I love a good cup of tea! I'm having one and doing m blog reading! Not sure I would be able to cook with it though.

    Annaleis - Blogs and PR Team Member

  6. I LOVE tea when I need to quench my thirst in the arvo, after water of course. Have to have it VERY strong. Emily visiting via Blogs and PR TUST

  7. Being English I have been lucky enough to have experienced some wonderful high teas - I have even been to the Ritz in London and it was amazing!! This sounds like such a fun competition and if I had any talent in the kitchen I would love to enter - sadly not though!! Good luck to all the entrants.
    Visiting a little late from TUSK zz


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