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$225 Bosisto's Eucalyptus Pack - Mega Giveaway!

Disclaimer: Bosisto’s asked me if I would like to run a giveaway.
No money or products were accepted.
All opinions are 100% my own.

Some companies are doing things right. Bosisto’s is one of those great, environmentally responsible companies that give back as much as they take. They are a quality brand, and their products really are second to none.

Millions of Aussies have grown up to the very familiar scent of Bosisto’s ‘Parrot’ Brand Eucalyptus Oil. It remains a firm family favourite, and lots of us still use it today for its many different uses for our health and in our home.

Bosisto’s has embarked on a brand new project to give back to the community, which has made them a household name. Their aim is to plant 1 million trees in 2013!

How can you help? Simply purchase any specially marked Bosisto’s 100% pure Oil or Solution and Bosisto’s will plant a tree for you!

These trees will be planted and nurtured on marginal farming land which will give a boost to local economies. The harvesting process is naturally renewable and in itself provides many extra benefits to the environment.

Please visit to read more about this initiative and discover one million new reasons to choose Bosisto’s this year.

Now I have a real treat for someone!

Bosisto’s have given one of my followers the chance to win a $225 Bosisto’s Eucalyptus Pack

Included in this mega pack is the following goodies.

•  Bosisto’s Eucalyptus Spray
•  Bosisto’s Eucalyptus Oil 200mL
•  Bosisto’s Eucalyptus Oil 100mL
•  Bosisto’s Eucalyptus Oil 50mL
•  Bosisto’s EucoSteam Inhalant 200mL
•  Bosisto’s EucoSteam Inhaler combo
•  Bosisto’s Eucalyptus Rub 35g
•  Bosisto’s Eucalyptus Rub 250g
•  Bosisto’s Antiseptic Spray 55mL
•  Bosisto’s Nasal Spray 50mL
•  Bosisto’s Nasal Inhaler 1g
•  Bosisto’s Eucalyptus sugar-free drops
•  Bosisto’s Tea Tree Spray 100g
•  Bosisto’s Lavender Spray 100g
•  Bosisto’s Foot Powder 100g
•  Bosisto’s Cough Syrup 200mL
•  Eucalyptus Oil – Australia’s Natural Wonder book
•  Bosisto’s environmentally friendly carry bag
•  Bosisto’s Parrot soft toy

Please complete the following Rafflecopter entry.

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Competition will close on Sunday 9th June at 10 pm.
Competition is open to Australia only.
Judges decision is final.
I will email the winner on Monday 10th June. If no reply in 48 hours I will redraw.

All the best!



  1. I would use this eucalyptus pack for everything from beauty to kitchen cleaning and even clothes washing.
    It would be invaluable to both the family health and environmental sustainability.

  2. Kim m galwayst@hotmail.com29 May 2013 at 21:58

    I love the smell of eucalyptus, I love Bosisto's but have never had the money to buy as many products as I would like to. It would be awesome to win so many things all at once!!!

    Kim m

  3. I'd love to win this awesome prize
    It'd make a really pleasant surprise
    As I'd like to clean in a more natural way
    I'd use the oil to make an anti-nit spray
    The Eucalyptus rub would be ideal for a cold
    As the cooler winter months unfold
    The lavender spray on pillows before bed
    Will ensure a calm and relaxed sleepy head
    And the foot powder would be a a saviour for hubby's feet
    Winning this pack would sure be a treat!

  4. I have a sensitivity to chemicals, but know that I can safely use Bosisto's products around the house without any reaction. The eucalyptus spray is my favourite product ever. But I really, really want to win because I want the parrot, I think it would freak the dog out!

    Cheers Sharon Fawcett


  5. I have now had a cold for over a week and just can't seem to shake it off, would hate for the rest of my family to suffer too, this would help me relieve the symptoms and avoid germs!

  6. I have bub #3 due on the 11th June so this would come in handy in preventing my older 2 boys sharing their winter germs with our newborn. Thanks for the chance :)

  7. We are trying not to use any unnecessary chemicals around our house- starting small by changing cleaning products for bicarb soda, eucalyptus etc. Hence these Bosisto's products would be very handy!
    russellcathryn at yahoo dot com dot au

  8. Gemma Westacott Blair - gemmawestacott (at)

    Winter hasn't even come,
    And already colds have our house overrun.
    Runny noses and sore throats abound,
    But luckily Bosisto's this mum has found!
    EucoSteam to clear my pounding head,
    Cough syrup for those midnight niggles we dread.
    Eucalyptus sugar-free drops calm a sore throat,
    Good old eucalyptus oil on the pillow also gets my vote.
    Bosisto's quickly has our illness nixed,
    Dad, Mum, toddler and bubba thankfully fixed.
    Then to clean the house from top to bottom,
    With eucalyptus oil so all those nasty germs are forgotten!
    Would love this amazing Bosisto's prize pack,
    So I can do all that and also prevent another cold attack!

  9. This Bosito’s Eucalyptus Pack would be put to very good use all around the house.

    Not a creature would be stirring, not even a louse.

  10. I'm a bit of a germ freak and hate to think what's on my kiddies hands while out at the shops or school would love to try the Bositos Eucalyptus pack to try out around my home on the nasty germs

    saekae at bigpond dot net dot au

  11. To keep my family especially kids with allergy safe and protected from germs this winter and throughout the year I would love to win this giveaway.

  12. I grew up with the distinctive aroma of Bosisto’s Eucalyptus Oil. With its fresh scent and endless natural uses for health and home, Bosisto’s has remained a much-loved favourite product of mine and I now continue to use it in my own home.
    Bosisto’s products are my favourite and I also love their tea tree spray and lavender spray! I was also impressed when I read about their plantation project.
    So I'd love to win not only for my own selfish personal reasons but I'd also be very proud to have the full range displayed and used in my home to support the environment and enjoy a naturally clean, fresh and germ-free home!

  13. I'd love to win this to get my house clean, the natural way!

  14. We get to live overseas for periods of time with my husband's job. It is mostly great fun, but I do have some homesick days. My favourite remedy is to have the eucalyptus oil sprayed in every room. It always makes me smile again. We are looking at moving at the end of the year again and this awesome lot of goodies would be the first thing I packed!

  15. I adore the smell of Eucalyptus and now that I'm a Mum I appreciate it's health benefits too.
    I'm also impressed by Bosito's pledge to plant a million trees!

  16. Eucalyptus is one of my favouriote scents and i love using natural product to clean and disinfect instead of products laden with chemicals.

  17. It would be ideal to have these products in our home over Winter as we are all sneezy allergy sufferers.

  18. I love all the bositos products for trying to keep all the bugs and germs that the 6 of us are exposed to and bring home. And if a bug happens to find its way into our house, I like to use the products to prevent it from spreading. I love that they are natural products and not laden with horrible chemicals

  19. My 14 yr old daughter has an autoimmune condition & is on immune suppression medication & heading into the winter months I'm paranoid about germs & her getting sick . I'd love to win this so I could at least keep our home germ free with natural products & keep our family healthy .

  20. I've only ever thought of using eucalyptus for steam inhalations. This pack would sure open my eyes (and sinuses!) beyond that.

  21. We are full of cold and coughs here. This pack would be great to help us keep the winter germs away.

  22. What a great prize, just in time to fight the winter germs!

  23. Eucalyptus just makes the home smell clean and fresh. It's an added bonus it helps with fighting the nasties.

  24. Have had my first winter cold (in autumn!) and vowed it would be the last. This giveaway will help my fight!

  25. Our son started school this year and I'm super conscious of the germs that get spread around little people.
    As small business owners we can't afford to get sick so Bosito's will help keep the house germ-free.

  26. Winter also brings lots of colds and coughs which equates to lots of doctors visits and expensive medicines. This year I would love to be prepared and ward off nasty germs before they hit using natural Eucalyptus - plus I love the lasting smell throughout the house!

  27. I love the smell of eucalyptus. Reminds me of when I was a little girl and my grandmother would treat our colds with eucalyptus oil. Makes me feel sentimental :)

  28. I love Bosisto's products, and with cold season here, I'm hoping to keep my family healthy :)

  29. I have just found their products and bought the spray. My goodness I would have it everywhere, my whole house smells clean fresh and amazing. I had a tummy bug going around the house for weeks, between 7 people it's dreadful. but I through clean and spray and it stopped the cycle

  30. A supply to keep me going all year
    Eucalyptus makes symptoms of colds disappear
    This prize would be perfect for me
    Because I'm a new mummy you see.

  31. I have been looking for the lavender spray for ages, now I see I can buy it direct. Oh the simple things make me happy and now calm.

  32. Mmm The smell of eucalyptus reminds me of my childhood
    Would love to start freshening up the laundry and house
    With Bosistos!

  33. These two little cherubs of mine,
    always catch colds at the same time.
    While I feel so awfully helpless,
    Bosisto's helps deal with the sickness abyss.

    An inhaler keeps little noses breathing right,
    while eucalyptus rub helps everyone sleep through the night.
    Mum's cleaning the house from top to bottom,
    with eucalyptus oil - those germs, gotta get rid of 'em!

    Atchoo! Atchoo! Atchoo!
    Oh no! Now mummy has caught the flu!
    Lucky Bosisto's takes care of her too!

  34. I love using Bositos eucalyptus products in and around my house. We are all suffering with colds here so this prize pack would be as welcome as a eucalyptus leaf to a hungry koala at the moment!!


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